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Howdy y'all! I'm new to dragon cave but I'm already addicted O:
So far my favorite type is pygmy dragons (theyre so tiny cute!!! ;o; ) But I also really want to get a vampire dragon one day!! 
I originally found DC through someones siggy on flight rising. I see pixel sprites with a link? I give a click LOL

i also really like pokemon and am excited for Sword and Shield to be released!! ( : all the starters are so cute this time so picking one will be difficult, but I think I’ll go with Sobble! 


(I also play pokefarm and look forward to seeing new sprites added to the already huge dex)

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Hello and welcome! If you keep stalking the abandoned page (AP) you should be able to catch a Vampire. Good luck! 


I've already pre-ordered Sword and Shield and will probably start with Sobble and Grookey. You can join our thread discussing Sword and Shield here!


You might also enjoy our Flight Rising and Pokefarm Q threads! 


Enjoy the forums!


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