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Cats, the Broadway Musical

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Ok. I first saw the original Broadway musical of Cats in high school, during the 80's when it was brand spanking new. I fell in love with the whole concept, which is not about individual cats, but rather, different TYPES of cats and their personalities. And the love, grief, and life that goes on. Allegory for human existence and hope for the future. It really moved me.


Since then I've seen various examples and interpretations of the play from various student and professional troups, and they all are meaningful to me in some way. I will confess a fondness for the 1997 film of the play, but only because unlike seeing it live on stage, it gets up close and you can see the actual interactions of all the players, those in the background as well as the foreground, and it fleshes out the stories more intimately. And I confess I love the way Ken Page does Deuteronomy, Jacob Brent as young Mistoffelees, Ellen Page as Grizzabella, and of course, no one oozes sex and self love like John Partridges' RumTumTugger better.


My most recent experience was just this last June (2019) at the Pantages in Hollywood, CA. It was the place I also saw it the first time back in 1981. And it was a slightly different interpretation, like they all are, but it still moved me and left me high on positivity for days afterward.

I've also read several fanfics (the GOOD, well-written ones) and one writer cracked me up with her portrayal of Tug as an older bro to a younger Mistoffelees, who was finally old enough this year to join in the ball as an active participant. And was nervous about his first "mating dance'. So he goes to his older bro Tug for advice. I died laughing. Can you just imagine Tug giving sex advice to a young newly adult Misto?  "....ok bro, lemmie tell you how to get with the ladies..." About peed my pants laughing. Gentle shy Misto of course decides to go his own way about it, and it ends up very sweet. Good story.


About the movie...I am open to it. I've seen many many different styles this play has been done in. They've all had their own flavor, but the heart of the story has always remained. For me, as long as the heart, and soul and portrayal is the same, I am interested in seeing this interpretation. I will not let my mind be clouded with previous expectations, from previous stagings, but rather, welcome the potential of this new innovation. After all, that is what this play is all about, you know. We will see. I won't make any judgements till I've seen it.


Now, I'd rather this thread was not about the movie as opposed to the play, but more of the story itself, and what you all think of it. Thoughts?

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