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Hello Everyone!

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Hello, the names Frosty_Giant.


But, I go by Frosty and/or Loki. My username, I use quite often all over the internet and/or other websites. My username is mostly based on Loki Laufeyson from MCU(Marvel Cinematic Universe), not Loki from Norse Mythology.


I have been seeing dragon's, on another site; I am on and happen to decide to join.


I have been a lover of dragons, for quite sometime and when I saw all these dragons; on this other website, I got excited and so here I am.



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Welcome to DC forum! Enjoy!


I came here from minecraft forum XD Like you, I also had been lover of dragons, so I joined :D 

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@Kaini, Thank you! 😊


@sh20000sh; I actually was on the PFQ website. Saw the eggs, hatchlings, and dragons; and BOOM! Got my attention quickly, I literally got curious and I clicked on one. Now, I'm here and just started with my four eggies. 🐉

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