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This thread is here for the discussion of all things Magia Record.


If you don't know what it is already:

Magia Record is a 2017-2019 mobile game released by SHAFT. It is a side story to the series Puella Magi Madoka Magica, which is a series about magical girls who fight monsters called 'Witches'. The game itself is set in an alternate timeline, one where the Magical Girls use a newfound power that is derived from Witches in a place called Kamihama City. Here, the girls gather and fight a new enemy called 'Uwasa' - beings that personify actual rumors that exist in the city.


(Spoilers under tab)


In the main series. Witches are simply Magical Girls that have let their Soul Gem become entirely corrupted. In Magia Record, strong Magical Girls that reside in Kamihama are able to overcome their despair and instead of turning into a Witch they summon a Doppel (which is more akin to a pseudo-witch as it fuses with the Magical Girl).


There's also a group called the Wings of Magius, who's plan is to replace the previous Magical Girl System (i.e. stopping all Witches from being born). They plan to do this by enacting Embryo Eve, waiting for the day that Walpurgisnaucht comes to the city and then releasing the monster so it can devour all the negative energy from Walpurgis. This will spread the barrier arond Kamihama to the rest of Earth, thus pushing out the Incubators completely. But this plan requires a lot of sacrifices, and still needs Walpurgisnaucht to appear in the city.


So, here's a few questions to start off:

> Who is your most favorite/least favorite girl and/or group?

> What is your most favorite/least favorite Magia?

> Do you use Memoria?

> What Doppel(s) do you like/dislike?

> What is your general opinion on the game and/or story?

> If you were to make your own Magical Girl, what would their wish/magic be and what Doppel would they have?

> If you haven't played it yet, do you plan to? If no, why?

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