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Test 1 pride and pack OOC

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8 minutes ago, AroaraAngelwolf said:

Hehehe! Eto you're adorable!


thank you !! ; _ ; you're too nice : D 


i just don't want to cause any troubles or anything, and you're running quite a big rp as it is already ~~ thanks for slotting everything together and working with us! 

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I'll be sliding a post in tonight. After that, I'll need to pull back for the week+weekend in order to get some heavy schoolwork done before Monday.

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Ah ok. I have work then making cupcakes on my day off on Friday so it'll be a all day thing for church on Saturday got two new characters up, however they won't be introduced just yet but you can read them over. A artic fox and A snow leopard. 


And after swift edits theirs, I will close down the pack part of the acceptance sheets! It's 10-7 and I want it even please be unique in choosing your animals, remember they can be mix bred!


(I for one want a carcal lynx mix, or a puma or black panther/ jaguars or something. There's more than a few big cats out there! I might make another... I'm tempted to but I don't think I can handle it. )

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