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Warped: Multifandom 3.0...ish [OPEN]

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[Sector 2- Burned Lands]

Remaining:  2 Orcs, 1 Troll
Status: 2 Orcs close to death, 1 Troll injured, all else dead

Action: Flee


The remaining Orcs and the Troll are unable to fight much more. All of the Grublins and the remaining Orcs are dead, either burnt to a crisp or otherwise lying brutally hurt on the ground. There is nothing more to be done. Therefore the Troll makes a grunting noise and turns around. The Orcs hop onto its back as it moves quickly, fleeing past a large lake of lava as it moves towards the river. 

Beyond it is a small village, seemingly carved into the rock of the island in the lava. There appear to be some fish-like objects on either shore. The injured enemies know they have to report this to Malefor, so they make haste. 

New Area- Village



[Sector 2- Avalar]

Approaching: 6 Grublins

In the Distance: 1 Troll, idle
Status: Healthy, ready to fight

Action: ATTACK!

Six Grublins approach the group, aware of Metal Man's presence. Malefor would not like the fact that he was here, so they make several warning noises. One of them throws a club, which intentionally misses and falls in front of Metal Man. The humans seem petrified, while the strange birdlike creature appears ready to fight. They come closer, ready and itching for a fight as well. 



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[ Sector: Two ]
[ Location: Burned Lands ]
[ Nearby People: Dio, Veigas ]


The high from the adrenaline began to damper, revealing aching and pain Raven had been blissfully ignorant to. There’s a heated sting coursing through his body, warm and familiar. Raven rolls his shoulders experimentally. He inhaled sharply, eyes fluttering, as the harshness of the ache began to settle in. The orange glow of Raven’s Nasod arm began to dim. Around his shoulders, he could still feel heat emanating from the new burn marks. Raven spared it only a cursory glance. He had to ignore the fatigue and pain, especially now when he was among strangers. 


Said strangers were not so keen to turn a blind eye to Raven’s injuries. Well, one stranger that was. He spoke calmly and freely once the battle had ended, but upon noticing Raven’s burnt arm he grew stiff. It was odd to see just plainly Dio’s concern was on his face. Raven felt naked under Dio’s scrutiny. He wasn’t used to a stranger being so concerned for his well-being. Raven ducked his head down, clearing his throat in an attempt to distract himself from the warmth blossoming in his chest.


“You needn’t worry,” Raven said. “This is just one of the side effects of my arm. I’ve been burnt more times than I can count.” To emphasize his point, tugged at his shirt and pulled it down, exposing the bare skin on his shoulder. There was a small gathering of pale scars around the base of his Nasod arm. “I could use some cold water to run the skin under or some bandages, but I don’t really have either of those.” Nor did it seem as though his companions did either. Raven pulled his shirt back up just as Veigas floated towards him and began to rattle off about being a… slave in the arena? Raven’s entire body grew still. “I don’t do that anymore,” he snapped coldly. There was no way Veigas would know about his treatment under the Nasod army, but, really, who went around saying someone would be a good slave? What kind of mindset was that?


From the corner of his eye, Raven could see the last three remaining enemies fleeing from the scene. Desperate to get away from Veigas and his crude comments, Raven slowly followed them, curious to see where they were headed. They were running as fast as their bodies were allowing them. That was probably wise given how quickly their gang had been defeated. Curiously, Raven made note of what appeared to be some sort of floating mass in the lake of lava. Near where the enemies were running past was the edge of the lake where a strange metal pier was set. There what Raven thought were boats tied to the pier. Glancing back at the mass, Raven could spot the distinct shapes of buildings and a second pier stations on the mass. 


“Dio, Veigas, there is something worth looking at,” Raven said. He pointed towards the mass on the lake, hoping his companions would take note as well. “You see that? It looks like some sort of island. The beasts we didn’t kill ran by the river where some boats are. Perhaps there are people there that can tell us where we are.” Raven dropped his arm back to the side. He turned and gazed out towards the bodies of those they had defeated. They all appeared dead, but Raven wasn’t certain. Even if they had attacked Raven the demons first, he couldn’t bear the thought of letting them slowly bleed out in a lava filled land. 


“Three of our enemies escape,” Raven admitted. “But it’s not worth our time to chase them. Before we leave this area, we should make sure everyone here is dead. It would be cruel to let them bleed out.” A thought came to Raven. “Perhaps if one of them is still alive and well enough to speak, we could interrogate them. Maybe even take one to that village so they can get well enough to get their bearings if need be.”

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   Sector 2, Mouth of the River


   "A mah-sheen," Glail sounded out the word, puzzled. What was that? What was programming? She could do jobs too, but she could also think. Actually, as far as she knew, everything could think; the idea that something couldn't was hard to wrap her mind around. Only things that weren't alive, like rocks or the clouds, couldn't think. Ionhazard seemed alive to her. Then Swift mentioned "movies", and the laguz's ears twitched, thinking she misheard her; but what's a sye-fye and why was it moving? What happens when it stops?
   Glail became even more baffled when Swift explained where she was from. None of those names were familiar. By states, she assumed she meant a state of existence? Like, one time she was in a bad state, because she injured herself in training and had to stay in bed for a week...
   Glail's tail drooped as it really dawned on her. "I'm really lost, huh?" she murmured. "I-I don't know any of those places. I'm from... I don't..." She looked back out over the lush forest, inviting, but completely alien to her. "Where's the desert...?"
   She jumped as Swift suddenly started yelling at Ionhazard. Her friend's face showed horror... something she doesn't often see. She bit her lip, realizing her mistake in assuming that making a desert would just push the forest aside, not remove it... did it remove it? Is that how it works? She didn't know anything about dragon laguz.
   Ionhazard didn't show the slightest concern at the idea of everything dying off. No, far from it. He looked ahead, not hiding his grin. "Exactly," he rumbled. He turned away from the fiery side of the land and started heading down the middle of it, beside the river. He was going to the river's source, Glail assumed, but why? Deserts don't need rivers!
   "Hey, Iony, maybe we shouldn't..." Glail faltered, pausing at a sickening crack as he stomped through a lone tree in his path, not even fazed by it. "Wait, Iony!"

   "It's Ionhazard," the Commander growled.

   "Maybe we should make the desert somewhere else!"

   "Oh, relax," he said ambivalently, "the animals will live. They'll run off to some other... forest." They better not, he added to himself. He picked up the pace, eager to get to the water's source before either of his hitchhikers could change his mind, or before anyone noticed him. He still wasn't sure who else was out here.

   "But what if there isn't one?!" Glail shouted over the rising winds. "Or what if-! What if there's another dragon out there, and it gets mad!?"

   Another machine? That's an interesting thought, Ionhazard mused. He didn't slow down though.

   "What if it attacks us? What if we die? Maybe it's bigger, or, or stronger, or...!" Glail frantically thought of more excuses. "Or what if there are people in there?! What if making the desert makes you too weak, or doesn't work-!?"

   Oh shut up, you damn lifeform, the Commander's thoughts grumbled, but Glail continued making excuses. Somehow the wind wasn't drowning out her tiny voice. She brought up the possibility of another "dragon", and after few seconds of thinking about it he wondered if this place had actual dragons. Apparently the humans had already mutated themselves into wolf-shifters. So much for said shifters being on the Machines' side though, if they're so keen on preserving this hideous, green smear on the...

   ...No. This doesn't make sense!

   He abruptly came to a halt, digging his claws into the earth. Soil roared and flung into the air as he skidded, gouging the landscape, which was surprisingly soft. Glail yelped and fell back down, but thankfully didn't almost roll off again. The machine ripped his claws out of the new trenches and planted them firmly on either side before whipping his head around to glare at his two passengers.

   "Factions. Names. Histories. Now," he snarled. Glail just stared at him, pale in the face. "SPIT THEM OUT!"

   "Aaah, not so loud!" the laguz cried, throwing her hands to her ears and curling in on herself. Her heart raced under the scrutiny of this huge creature. Why did the dragon laguz want to kill the forest? What did he mean by a faction name? What should she say?!




   Sector 1 - Problem Incoming!


   A horrific howling erupted from the southern cliffs. While looking - and certainly as treacherous - as mountains, the glorified crags were dwarfed by the rising ranges behind them of the neighboring sector, which had dark skies as though thick with black clouds. At first, the source of the noise wasn't immediately apparent, until the sound of rushing hooves reached those in the tiny sector, and two red-brown dots could be seen barreling along the cliffs. They clearly were - or had been - animals of some kind, and held just enough self-preservation to not jump off the cliffs into the sea. Unfortunately, that meant that they were following the cliffs, and where the cliffs ended was just across from the largest group in the sector.
   Neea, who had just taken notes on Hawkeye's name, wondered what "last names" were, and just witnessed the robed man talking to Hawkeye's pet - which was named Mystical? - had looked up at the noise. It was far enough away to not be any concern, except the two objects were moving unnaturally fast, and heading toward the group. She squinted, her cameras zooming in on the objects, missing Renarin's question of who could talk.

   U-Uh.... well. Uh. That's... not anything she's seen before. She couldn't tell if they were animals, or plants, or rock monsters... but their eyes were a clear, visible orange in the mess that was somehow running at high speed. One opened its misshapen jaw, which split all the way down its side, and belted out a hideous, baying scream. They looked neither alive nor friendly. They also weren't stopping.
   "Uh, what are those?" She couldn't hide the urgency rising in her voice. "What are those?!"




   Sector 6 - Not the Parrot You Ordered


   A similar situation has come to the monster servants of Kid Dracula's castle. A bundle of the smells bird, ocean, and something not quite right, had abruptly hit a four-story window with a loud THWACK! Easily dismissed as a bird that was lost in the sector and flew into the window, because well, birds do that, the thing managed to somehow save itself with a massive, misshapen claw, grabbing the sill then swinging itself harder through the window with a loud crash. It flopped to the floor, damaged by the glass, but not even registering it. The bird monster stood up, heading twisting around unnaturally as it scanned the room with a single, orange eye, wide and unblinking. It felt many life forces, but saw nothing moving in the room, except... the flicker of a candle! Immediately attracted to the light, the monster attacked a sconce on the wall, beating its misshapen wings and biting and clawing viciously, ignoring its surroundings until it had thoroughly decimated the single candle, its holder, and a healthy patch of the wall behind it. The beast ungracefully fell to the ground once the flame was snuffed out, rolled over into a prone position, and froze with its head tilted, waiting for another movement to catch its eye.

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The robot was talking to her finally, though she would’ve liked it better if he wasn’t yelling so loud or interrogating her and Glail like this. 


Earlier the laguz had been wondering about movies and states and sci-fi, not unusual considering Swift had explained close to nothing. 


"I'm really lost, huh? I-I don't know any of those places. I'm from... I don't... Where's the desert...?" Glail looked miserable. 


She’d felt a stab of empathy for the other girl, but had no time to worry about it, trying to stop Ionhazard from obliterating the forest, Glail going on about more creatures like him. She hoped there weren’t others. Then he’d stopped short and turned quickly and fiercely to the two girls — Swift had to grab onto a ridge to keep her balance. 


"Factions. Names. Histories. Now. SPIT THEM OUT!"


She growled in frustration, getting ready to shift and run if she needed to. How many times do I have to tell you?! her famous temper flared.

“Look, I don’t know about any of your ‘factions’ and I don’t bloody care what they are or do. I already told you my name, and I expect so did Glail, who you shouldn’t yell at because she’s a nice person and innocent and obviously not as experienced at danger and strangeness as we are, so shut up and stop questioning us like we’re freaking spies or something because we’re not hiding anything!” She glared at the ‘dragon’, green eyes blazing. 


Realising that it might to be best to run, she took a deep breath to calm herself, then grabbed Glail’s hand. “I don’t think he has your best interests at heart. We should probably go,” she said in a low voice. 

Quickly she spread her wings and prepared to glide down behind Ionhazard’s back so (hopefully) he wouldn’t see — it was better if he didn’t know what else she could do and thought she was just a wolf shifter — then hit the ground running and hoping Glail was behind her.  

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OtSAWva.png E6AhPPV.png


[U and R - Sector 1 -North Midsection]


Renarin's question to Mystical goes completely unanswered. 


Instead, the sound of hooves rapidly colliding with the ground come closer to the group. They move swiftly, uncomfortably so, and when Utakata turns around to face the sound he jumps back a meter. "Son of a b-" he cuts himself off when he looks at the intruders, two very intimidating and oddly contorted creatures. They appear to be some sort of demonic version of a familiar animal, with bright orange eyes that send shivers up Utakata's spine.


Oh no.


The machine starts to panic. Utakata feels the adrenaline race through his body as any sort of common sense leaves his brain through one of his ears. Normally, he'd get in a bubble and get the hell out of there. But that'd be humiliating and cowardly for many reasons. Part of him wants to show Kaiba that he's more than just "FlImSy bUbBlEs." But it'd overall make him look.... Terrible, really. He'd been told he lacks greed, but pride? That's another sin entirely. 


So he decides to take it a step further. After all, he does have a certain six-tailed friend up his sleeve.... So he tries to tap into the chakra reservoir in his system, and to his dismay nothing happens. He's still his plain, human self. Not even the usual wave of chakra forms around his body. Nothing. Utakata feels a vein throb in his temple. 








He continues to try and summon the red-and-black beast form, but to his confusion and eventual pain, nothing comes of it.


What anyone else hears from Utakata's throat is a rather high-pitched and demonic "NO!


Utakata pauses and shakes his head. "WHAT THE HELL DO YA MEAN, NO?"


He mutters a few insults having to do with a giant, useless, slime-for-brains slug under his breath and grabs his pipe. He dips the pipe in the bubble liquid and sends forth a wave of bubbles in the direction of the two creatures. "Heads up folks, it's gonna be a bit loud in here!"


His other hand raises out of instinct and snaps




Riza looks at Utakata, dumbstruck for a second. What in the hell is the man doing? 


She didn't expect him to yell in pain, nor at all.... Is he alright?


"Mm, either he's already lost his mind, he's a complete idiot, or something is very, very wrong." Riza murmurs to herself. The strange, demonic sound, though, makes her think that the third option is more likely. "Is he... Possessed by something?"


Utakata doesn't answer, instead muttering some rather rude, yet mild words out under his breath. He sends another wave of bubbles, and Riza takes out her gun and aims at the one creature that made an unholy sound. She closes her left eye, lines up, and fires. 


Show time.

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   Glail looked up as Swift began defending her, and herself. She didn't expect such passion from the girl, despite having only just met her. Ionhazard's annoyance only spiked at the lack of clear answers, or fear from the supposed humans. He snarled loudly at Swift's claim of not being spies, clearly thinking otherwise.

   "These factions you think so lowly of are the definition of who's friend or foe in the world," he barked back, "How do I know that you're not spies? Or do you expect me to just take your word for it?"

   "I-I'm a laguz! I'm lost, and I don't know where my daddy is, and I'm from the Desert of Death, and...!" Glail's voice died down when Swift grabbed her hand, a sense of urgency in the movement.

   “I don’t think he has your best interests at heart. We should probably go.”

   "H-Hatari Kingdom?" Glail finished awkwardly. "But-! I don't know how to get down! It looks slippery!" She tried not to think about the steep drop surrounding them.

   "Where are you going?" Ionhazard growled. The girl stared defiantly at him. He noticed bright white wings suddenly erupt from her back! Two threads leapt to conclusions at once: one, she must not be affiliated with whomever - or whatever - Glail might be with, and two, she had the audacity to try and leave?

   It wasn't making sense that these two wouldn't recognize him. He knew none of the names they threw around regarding their origin. It was becoming more and more far-fetched that this was some distant future on Earth, and the ridiculously-implausible was starting to look more likely. A simulation? Not with the Archivist in orbit. Another planet, with a simulation? It would be too expensive to dig him up and launch him into space exclusively for these infuriating little tricks. Multiverse theory?... Mother Machine would know.


   The now-winged girl turned to jump off the Commander's shoulder, and he half-expected her to drop like a rock, except the wings moved with the very real fluidity of flesh and feather as they opened.

   "Not so fast!" he snapped, simultaneously cracking his jaw and sending a tendril after the girl. She attempted to dodge, and to her credit she was amazingly nimble; but the tendril was quicker, and snatched her by the waist before she could get sufficient air under her wings. "I'm not done with you!"

   "Don't hurt her!" Glail blurted out, shakily getting back up on her feet, "m-maybe she's lost too!"

   Ionhazard regarded her for a moment, and sighed. A wolf girl with shaky knees, and some kind of animal shifter who was already mad at him. What kind of world is this?

   A bit dejectedly, he swung Swift back over his shoulder, but the tendril didn't let go, simply holding her there with Glail staring up in fright and concern. Rarely for him, he considered there to be some value in the two girls. Sure, they had stories of being lost, but he might be able to eke some use out of them yet. First, though...

   Ionhazard looked up to to the northwest, rotating his entire body so he was facing back the way they came, and tried to send a remote signal back to the one he was sensing across miles of unknown territory. If this truly was Earth, it would respond with either an Earth or Machine signature.


   He waited a few moments in silence. Glail's ears twitched, unable to tell from the frozen metal frame if he was still mad at them or not. As far as she could tell, he just turned around and stared into the distance for no reason. Maybe he was lost, just like they were, and that's why he was mad. If a dragon laguz could make deserts, could he get lost? Or if he was a robot, like Swift said?

   "Iony?" She tried to talk to him, but the Commander ignored her, waiting impatiently. The distant signal kept humming in his head, like a blinking dot in his peripheral that couldn't be turned off. Then suddenly, it changed tone. It changed multiple times. A long stream of ups and downs... binary?

   The plates on his head flattened in surprise, and the tendril abruptly let go of Swift, letting her fall - yet again - beside Glail. The laguz hustled over to her friend's side, just as surprised as he was. "Are you okay? Where did your wings come from?! Can you fly?" She reached out with the intent of touching the feathers, but refrained.

   "...Yes. I thought-!" Ionhazard said abruptly. Glail looked up, but he wasn't looking at them. He was still staring at the horizon. "...What are you talking about? What the hell is Spore?"

   "What? We didn't say anything," Glail tried to answer him, but he wasn't paying attention to them. She looked awkwardly at Swift, wondering what she thought of this, and if she had any ideas on how to get off Ionhazard's shoulder.

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Maybe running had been the right thing to do, but not the one that was most likely to work. 

Swift struggled indignantly against the tendril, trying to get loose and run again. Disappointingly, Glail hadn’t really tried to escape, instead only telling Ionhazard not to hurt the outlaw. That was its own form of loyalty, she supposed. And loyal people were good to have around you. Plonked back on the robot’s shoulder in an undignified way, she reconsidered her options. Should she run again, pulling Glail along this time, or actually pretend to cooperate with Ion? It would be a good way of getting information about him and where they were. Heck, she might even find something to use as leverage on him. Satisfied with that decision, she stayed put, even as the tendril released her and she could move freely once more. 


Turning to the laguz, she noticed that her new friend had come over, checking if she was all right. 

"Are you okay? Where did your wings come from?! Can you fly?" The quick, surprised burst of words made her smile as Glail reached out towards her wings, but stopped. Swift quickly nodded. “Yeah, I’m fine. And go ahead, if you want,” she said, gesturing to the white feathers. The other girl’s reaction was something she hadn’t seen for a long time, ever since she’d first got her powers, and it was a welcome change of pace. From kicking villain butt and hunting, that was. 


"...Yes. I thought-!" Ionhazard said abruptly. "...What are you talking about? What the hell is Spore?"

Swift looked over at Glail, but obviously she didn’t know what that was either, the blue girl looking over at her for... instruction, maybe? 

Oh, man. I’m not good at that. Suzy’s voice answered her thoughts briskly, with a cheeky smile. Sure you are. Just be bossy like you were when Henry was kidnapped, and your ex was the one who did it. She scowled. 

Not helping, imaginary Su voice. Well, maybe it was. Just a little bit. 


Lost in her thoughts, she had to pull herself out of the thinking and decide what to do next. 

“Okay, Glail. I’ve got a plan. We just have to stay here until he trusts us... or at least gives us information, and then we distract him and run. Not now, I guess, because I just tried to, and maybe we shouldn’t push our luck, but we will. Eventually.” She did her best at a reassuring grin and patted her companion awkwardly on the shoulder. 

Now we wait.  





It had been an ordinary day for Peter Parker. He’d gone to school, like he had for the last eight years, then checked in on his aunt May, met his girlfriend MJ for a swing through the park, and finally stopped by a hot dog stand before leisurely making his way home, feeling satisfied about the day, especially since no one seemed to be in trouble and he didn’t need to save them from danger. 

Not bad for a Monday. 


But just as he swung past a nearby shawarma joint, suddenly he felt the web snap, and he was plummeting to the street below. 


Wasn’t he? He only blinked, and New York was gone. No more glowing billboards and traffic lights and people walking around. Just... blackness. Okay, I’m falling and I need to web something to stop myself or Aunt May is going to be worrying when I get home... but there isn’t anything here to web. Now what?

Just then he landed hard on his back. 

A loud oof escaped him and he lay there for a few seconds, winded. Ouch. He looked up at the blue-green sky above him before catching his breath, getting slowly to his feet and looking, bewildered, at his surroundings. 


Beyond him was a green, grassy area dotted with what looked like... large slugs? What were they, some kind of sentient blob? Enchanted by the creatures, he was tempted to walk to them and find out more, but dragged his attention towards finding out where he was and getting home. If I was a sudden portal taking Spider-Man... somewhere, where would I lead? There were too many possibilities he wished would really be true, most involving MJ or a land free of school and crime. 


Again distracted, he turned his thoughts outwards, heading towards a distant pass that seemed to lead somewhere interesting. I hope there are people here, then they can help me get home... or maybe I’ll have to fight them. Getting information about a strange place was always a good thing to do, eliminating the unknowns.
He just hoped no one would try to kill him. 

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