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Warped: Multifandom 3.0...ish [OPEN]

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[ Sector: Two ]
[ Location: Burned Lands ]
[ Nearby People: Dio, Veigas ]


The moment the man releases the child, Raven abandons all thought and lurches forward. Within mere seconds of being dropped, the child floats in the air and begins to berate the man—Lord Dio his name was—for dropping the ‘act’. Raven blinked at the two strangers owlishly. So this had been a prank all along? Raven straightened his back, the valves on his arm closing shut with a soft hiss. He had been right to be wary of the strangers—they were just more demons playing a trick on him. Raven was momentarily glad to be among some sort of volcanic landscape. The heat made for a good excuse as to why his face was suddenly red.


“You’re both demons, aren’t you?” Raven asked as he anxiously tucked a strand of hair behind his ear. He noted that Dio had danced around his questions, but was more than happy to ask his own. Admittedly, Raven didn’t have much experience with demons outside of Lu and Ciel. Still, Dio and his companion’s constant bickering and complete lack of respect for Raven’s own inquiries matched what little Raven did know about demons. 

Raven sighed, lowering his head as he shook away his thoughts. No, he couldn’t be judging two individuals based upon their species. That was wrong and he knew better. Looking up, Raven could see Dio staring at him, patiently waiting for an answer. It appeared as though all three of them were lost. Raven didn’t trust the demons per se, but he had no reason to assume they meant harm just yet.


“I’m afraid I’m as lost as you are,” Raven said. “I arrived here myself not more than about twenty minutes ago. I fell from the sky, well, sorta.” Raven frowned. “Actually, spare me a moment of your time. I believe I can answer your question.” Raven took several steps back from the demons. “Keep your distance,” he warned the demons as he raised his arm, his palm facing the sky. “I wouldn’t want you getting burned.” Steam burst out of his Nasod arm once more. A small blue flame ignited from the center of his palm. Quickly it grew into a bright white ball. It continued to expand outward, a feathered form taking shape as the ball grew exponentially. Depthless white eyes slowly cracked open as flamed wings sprouted from the ball and fanned open. 


Within less than a minute a bird composed of fire, nearly half as long as Raven was, sat was seated on top of Raven’s palm. It cocked its head to the side, turning its head to look at Raven expectantly.

“Scout the area,” Raven said to the bird. “I want to know where we are and if there’s anyone else nearby.” The bird chirped happily in response. Flapping its wings open, the bird launched itself off of Raven’s hand and into the sky. Raven watched it momentarily as it soared off into the distance before turning his attention back to Dio and his companion. 


“She’ll return soon enough,” Raven said. He lowered his Nasod arm, closing the valves once more. “I understand your suspicion of me, but I would very much like to know who you two are.” A pause and then. “Just so we’re on the same page, you may call me Raven. A name for a name seems fair, doesn't it?"

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Moderate Fraction's Leader


Messenger of Destruction



Dio raises an eyebrow at the human's antics, lunging forward for Veigas -- of all people's -- safety, but his reaction is nothing compared to Veigas processing the moment.


The smaller demon immediately bursts out in laughter, so high-pitched and loud that Dio can feel his ears ringing as Veigas holds his stomach in his mirth, nearly rolling over himself in the air.


"You're delightful!" the Magi proclaims, floating closer to the black-haired man. He floats closer to the other man, nearly brushing against him, getting uncomfortably close and then pulling away in a manner Dio knows all too well is bothersome, having experienced it firsthand one too many times. "Concerned for the children -- all the markings of a good human!" 


Dio rolls his eyes, crossing his arms across his chest to show his displeasure, and he is just about to leave and hope that Veigas decides to go home with this new stranger instead of following him, when suddenly the black-haired man speaks up and gives him reason to pause.


How did he know they were demons? Suddenly, Dio is on full alert. This man ... he knows much more than he lets on, and that could be potentially dangerous, if left unresolved. 


"That we are," he responds, careful, as Veigas snickers and floats back to beside him, earning a glare from Dio. So close to getting rid of the Magi -- and now, he doesn't know when his next chance will be. Second chances didn't come easy, especially something as simple as Veigas losing his interest in him so he would leave forever. One could only hope.


Fallen from the sky? Dio frowns at this revelation. That is ... strange, all things considered. He was so certain only seconds ago that their sudden appearance in this land had been a result of some twisted joke by a God from Xenia -- after all, it wouldn't be the first time, and the Grand Chase had collected many enemies in their adventures -- but this throws his plans out of balance. Why would the Gods see fit to bring so many random strangers together -- increasing the chances of their defeat? Dio feels his annoyance at the situation rising, and if this was truly some kind of test from Starklin -- or any other god -- of his patience, he would personally drag them from their high palaces and make them repent their actions. Moderate fraction or not, he doesn't take kindly to anyone interfering with his plans. 


Curiously, it seems the human has thoughts of his own; after instructing them to stand aside, he raises up his strange, almost-demonic arm, staring at the sky. Seeing no reason not to comply with the other man's instructions, Dio steps aside as directed, although Veigas, to no one's surprise, simply stands near the stream of lava and snickers, almost as if challenging the other man to try and burn him.


He doesn't take the challenge, much to Dio's disappointment, and instead of shooting Veigas in the chest the other man directs a strange kind of energy -- unlike any Dio has felt before, human or demonic -- towards the sky, until flames curl inwards on themselves and dissipate, revealing a majestic bird in the air. It reminds him of the summons he has seen Rin pull from the sky, direct minions of the Goddess, but without the same heavenly energy that surrounded Rin's very form. 


The man gives the bird an instruction and it seems to understand, strangely enough, looping into the sky with a brightly feathered farewell as it disappears in the distance. Scouting the area? Smart, and in a way that reminds him entirely too much of Ronan. Perhaps -- he remembers encountering the Grand Chase in weird places, at unexpected areas, agreeing to fight together for a higher cause. Dio isn't a religious man by any means, but could the same forces that had brought him to Elesis' doorstep be guiding him now?


No, absolutely not. That same force would not possibly consider Veigas as a potential ally. The Magi's very existence by his side now proved to Dio that this is some kind of cosmic mistake.


"Dio," he decides, giving the name straight and simply. He agrees with the other man's -- Raven, as he now knows -- straightforward, business-like tone; despite his human emotions, it seems he knows how to get down to work, as well. "This is Veigas." At Dio's introduction, Veigas gives a gesture that is not at all appropriate for their current situation. "I've suddenly been instructed to babysit, and he happens to be the fallout. I apologise for the confusion."


"What a businessman, Lord Dio!" Veigas calls out. "So, Raven," the Magi says, and the way he speaks seems to be an purr, almost, of sudden interest in this human that would rush forward so willingly to save a child he does not know. "What's with your arm?" 

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[ Sector: Two ]
[ Location: Burned Lands ]
[ Nearby People: Dio, Veigas ]



Veigas burst out into shrill, gleeful laughter. Raven was utterly taken back by the demon’s amusement and further disturbed when he floated closer, mocking Raven for having the “markings of a good human”. Raven had learned well enough how to deal with a tiny, irritable demon. He watched Veigas warily as the demon brushed against him, smirking devilishly before returning to Dio’s side. 


The younger demon reminded Raven of Lu when she first joined the group, but Dio was another story altogether. A weaker man might have trembled underneath Dio’s steady, crimson gaze. Raven lifted his chin ever so slightly and stared at him defiantly. He looked as though he was analyzing Raven, trying to break him down and find any weakness that could be exploited. Raven had been embarrassed once he realized the demons were pulling a trick on him, but now that one of them was trying to intimidate him he, oddly enough, felt much more comfortable. He knew plenty of “strong men” who felt the need to flex their masculinity in the form of making others feel inferior. Raven saw right through those ruses and knew exactly how to stand his ground.


At least, that’s what he thought up until Dio calmly introduced himself and apologized for Veigas’s antics. An apology from a demon? How unexpected. Raven cocks his head to the side lightly tapping a mechanical finger against his chin.


“You’re quite well-spoken,” he muses aloud. “Most of the demons, or humans for that matter, I’ve encountered on my travels don’t share your mannerisms so…” It only took Raven a moment to realize just how insensitive his comment was. “Ah! Forgive me!” Raven shook his head. “You remind me of a noble demon I know, but you aren’t her nor do you share her family’s colors.” 


Veigas, who seemed every so interested in Raven, brought his attention to his Nasod arm.

“Oh, this?” Raven asked, lifting his mechanical arm up. He blinked in surprise, confused by the question. Everyone knew about the Nasods, an ancient race of machines. Most advanced mechanics were based on or from the Nasods. It didn’t make sense for the demons to not recognize the technology. Perhaps they had just never seen a human with Nasod enhancements? A strange possibility, but still feasible.


“This is a arm developed by Nasods,” Raven explained, extended his arm forward so Dio and Veigas could get a better look. “It’s designed as a weapon by the Nasod people. I’ve made adjustments to it overtime, but it still serves its primary purpose.” Raven looked up at the demons curiously. “I was under the impression most people knew about the Nasods. Are you saying you’ve never seen Nasod technology before?”

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Moderate Fraction's Leader


Messenger of Destruction


If demons could preen, that would certainly be what Dio is currently doing. He puffs up at Raven's compliment, delighted at having his efforts finally being recognised -- at last, a worthy judge of his worth! He has spent too long trying to distinguish himself from the far more brutish reputations of the other demons of his world, Veigas' fraction included.


That is, until Raven catches himself with a sudden "ah!" and a finger held to his chin, as if deep in thought. It does not seem to be that he speaks with ill-intent, but that is certainly how Dio perceives his next words. A noble demon, haughty and unpleasant to be around, with unfamiliar house colours? Only one name could belong to such a reputation, and Dio growls, a low note in his voice.


If this was Ley's idea of a practical joke, it wasn't very funny. He has no doubts about the Lady of Crimson River's powers to manipulate time and space -- whatever complicated ritual her father had done to ensure her survival had gifted her with abilities far beyond what most demons were capable of, but he had not considered Ley to be unnecessarily cruel. Through their time in Grand Chase, they had built up a tense acceptance of the other, and now was regulated to a status of sending a note hello every couple decades. But to think that this would be her idea of a prank ... 


But it doesn't seem to be with hate, at least. Raven holds out his arm with an almost strange familiarity, trusting the demons -- something not many humans did. Perhaps he has worked with them in the past? His own clan was wary to hire human mercenaries to do their bidding -- the mistake ratio was higher, and deaths more guaranteed -- but he has heard of some moderate clans aligning with humans as a sort of last resort action. 


But what was this Nasod Raven spoke of? A quick look at Veigas confirms that the smaller demon is equally as confused, his usual smirk wiped from his face and replaced with a sudden childish curiosity as he inspected the arm, floating closer to look over the machinery, but not close enough to touch. Ah -- was that it? Deus Ex Machina was a work of mechanical genius, and perhaps it was a given that Veigas would be interested in new forms of technology. He had, after all, been there and partly caused the destruction of the technological capital, Kounat. How awkward it had been to explain to Mari that he knew the very child who had sent her family and friends into endless darkness. 


"Nasod technology," Veigas repeats, testing out the unfamiliar word on his tongue. Then, he shakes his head and leans back, curious. "Never heard of it. What are the Nasod people? Is it a new civilization?" 


Dio recognises that familiar glimmer in his Veigas' eyes -- a dangerous sudden lust to know more about this small tidbit of information now released to him, and so he speaks up, intending to interrupt the smaller demon's pondering and ensure that Raven didn't respond to him. 


"That demon," he says. "The Lady of Crimson River. She is the one you are affiliated with, then? Has she sent you for some kind of purpose?"


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[ Sector: Two ]
[ Location: Burned Lands ]
[ Nearby People: Dio, Veigas ]


Raven’s suspicions of the two strangers being demons had already been confirmed. He was familiar with the concept of a demon’s physical form not being representative of their age, and yet Raven cannot help but fondly watch Veigas as he stares down at Raven’s Nasod arm curiously. Even if he was probably older than Raven was, Raven could not help but be amused by what appeared to be a small child investigating a cool, strange object. Raven’s love for children and the boundless curiosity had been one of the things that hadn’t died over the course of time. 

Veigas asked what Nasods were, which prompted Raven to scrunch his eyebrows together thoughtfully. He opened his mouth to reply, but Dio interjected before he could. Raven turned to face the demon, frowning. The Lady of Crimson River? Raven mentally combed through his memories of all of the titles Lu possessed. He had never heard of anything about crimson rivers before. Besides, that name wouldn’t make any sense. Lu’s family’s colors was blue not crimson.


“I’m afraid I don’t know who you’re referring to, Lord Dio,” Raven said. Was it wise to use Dio’s title? Veigas had used to earlier and Raven knew from experience that not addressing nobility probably could lead to needlessly offending them. “The demon I’m referring to is Luciela R. Sourcream. She’s been in the mortal world for some time so it’s understandable that you wouldn’t recognize her name.” Raven idly rubbed the back of his head with his human hand. “I wouldn’t say I’m affiliated with Lu personally, but we work for the same organization. Like I said earlier, I wasn't sent here. I was… taken here or something. Similar to you I believe.” 


Dio had cut Raven off earlier when he tried to answer Veigas’s question. While Raven appreciated that Dio was concerned that Raven was working for someone he supposedly didn’t like, Raven could not help but return to the earlier topic. 


“I’m sorry but do neither of you really know what Nasods are?” Raven asked. “The Nasods existed centuries ago, but their technology and influence never faded. I don’t want to come off as rude, but the idea that neither of you know about it is simply… bizarre. Forgive my assumptions, but you two appear to be of high status. It seems weird that no one has told you about Nasods before.”

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[ VS Metal Man! ]

[ Location: Sector Two ]

[ Digimon: Biyomon (Activate: Hyper Wing --> No cards active) ]


Naomi ducked out of reflex, hands on her head, even if the blade whizzed a good three feet above her head and crashed into the waters again. Bleeding?! The robot's threat made her breath catch in her throat. Was the robot serious about trying to dismember them into pieces? She didn't really want to find out. Kouji's digivolution (always a treat to witness, she added to herself) granted him armor so maybe he'd have some protection while fighting, but she and Biyomon had to be careful. 


Her digimon scoffed at the missed attack and flew back out of the way on the fading wings of light granted to her by the card. Realizing that the robot master's projectiles were targetting the human, Biyomon pivoted in the air and dove like an arrow back towards Naomi. Just as she landed, the effect of Hyper Wing faded in a shower of sparks, revealing the digimon standing protectively in front of her tamer. "Get 'em, Kouji!" she yelled. "I'll protect Naomi from here!"


Dammit! Was she dead weight again? Naomi held her remaining cards out in a fan, furrowing her brow as she looked over them. Brave Shield would have been nice right now. Heck, even Gotsu Shaker! Frustrated at her lack of strategic options, she alsently chewed on her bottom lip. Maybe Speed Plus? All of her options at the moment were useless, and there was little she could do but cheer Kouji on as one of his attacks landed.

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[R - Sector 1 -North Midsection]


My name is Mystical, and you're sort of right when I'm a unicorn. My species name is actually Ponyta. However, there's two forms of us. The Kanto Ponyta which has flames instead and the Galarian Ponyta, which I am.


Riza knits her eyebrows together. Had.... Had the unicorn sent her some sort of telepathic message? Was that possible? She shakes her head and takes a second to listen to Hibiki and Seto bicker. Her temple throbbed a little bit- why do these two see the need to yell at each other all the time? At this rate, Riza wants to go back home- she's much more inclined to listen to Havoc crying about his relationship problems or Breda yelling because "how dare your dog come within a meter of me". 


The idiocy.


"If you two can get along for five minutes," Riza mutters to herself. She takes note of a couple groups somewhere towards the east. Namely, a group of rather strangely dressed people- a blonde dressed in what appears to be rich man's clothes, a man with multicolored hair and a uniform similar to her own military attire, and a man with rather shaggy hair and dressed in a blue blanket. She raises an eyebrow and takes note of the absurd thing that stands with them. 


"...Why don't we head in that direction and meet up with them?"



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Metal Man

Metal Man was getting annoyed with these brats and his attacks missing them. Though he supposed it'd also be boring if the fight ended so quickly. While the armoured fellow over here looked like he could take an attack, the same couldn't be said about the human and her bird. Both looked like all it would take is one good Metal Blade to their face. He'd gone far too long- what? a few days -without a proper fight, but at the same time, the bot didn't want to be shown up by a few kids. The blade that was sent at the boy ended up being parried, much to Metal's unamusement as he frowned under his face guard.


"I didn't want to end this so fast, after all, you'll be nothing but a corpse when I'm done with you three," Metal Man taunted back, more Metal Blades between his fingers.


He was toying with them than anything. After all, he had more than enough Metal Blades with him to toss as many as he pleased, seeing as he creates them. Seeing movement from the pink bird though, the Robot Master eyed as it dipped in front of the girl, trying to protect her. As if one of his blades wouldn't just cut through the both of them in one go, but if they were going to stay over there... Hearing the boy call an attack, Metal snapped his attention back to the boy- only to feel the impact of a laser send him flying into a rock.


"Ah ****!" he exclaimed in pain, quickly leaping to his feet and glancing down at himself.


Oof, that left a bit of a dent in his torso armour, and getting repairs in this world was fantastic, Metal Man thought sarcastically. He really didn't want to take anymore hits after that, taking attacks, wasn't exactly his forte...


"I'll be cutting you down to size!" He then called, whipping two Metal Blades at the bigger nuisance out of everyone here- the one that thought he could land an attack on him.


He really didn't need to keep this up for long, the bot assumed Malefor had forces or something on the way if there were too nobodies here and well, he wasn't going to stick around once they showed up.



As Vuljak parted from the woman to approach this odd sight, he was finding that the thing that had been making that noise was... huge... Holy Arceus! That thing was really big for sure! That was the thing the wolf girl thought to approach!? A really giant robot!?!? The Zoroark had watched as it hoisted itself over the stone and land on the ground- the resulting impact shaking him slightly.


Internally, Vuljak was a little... nervous to suddenly be near something that made him feel like a Joltik. It was billowing a lot of smoke and apparently had that girl up on its shoulder... he thought... it was actually getting very hard to use his nose with the scent of this thing and the Zoroark could only vaguely spot her as he craned his head up to examine the robot thing. Externally though, his illusion held his composure and confidence as he folded his hands together.


"Nope! Can't say I know either," Vuljak replied as the robot asked him a question. It was a loud, rumbly voice to him- kinda hurt his ears if he was being honest.


"And I take it by asking, you don't know anything either. A shame, means we're all lost," he mused, giving a shrug.


Seems this was going to be a tough situation. Vuljak just wanted to hope he could stay on this big robot's friendly side. It looked like it could crush him with a simple step.


"But-" he clapped his hands together, slightly pacing in front of the bot as he examined it more. "-I'm sure that will resolve itself soon enough, so who do I have the pleasure of meeting today?" Vuljak then asked.


Frankly, he just had to act confident and like he knew 'enough' in a situation like this. It'd get him places better than any other way and hopefully meant he could sucker in some help- or avoid harm.

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   The mech slowly stood back up as the beings continued to talk to one another. She had clearly startled them, but they didn't seem that concerned about her. Instead, the one in white clothes turned and noticed something, and the others mimicked him. Neea stood up a bit taller, still pressing herself against the stone wall behind her. Her curious thought of what had caught their attention quickly turned to dread as an obvious metallic something descended from a short mountain on the horizon. So much of its form was obscured by smoke that she couldn't tell what it had been, but she could see six or seven long, tentacle-like things waving down the mountain behind it. Tails? What sort of thing has seven tails?!

   She jumped as a distant thud sounded from the thing landing. The one in white turned back to the others and said something urgently. The others seemed to agree. She backed up nervously, wondering if the giant smoking thing was a drone because it was metal, but no drone is that big! It had also headed toward them, and was now hidden by some cliffs, but considering it just slid down a mountain those short cliffs wouldn't keep it back. Neea turned to see if she could run for higher ground, her steps quick, but she only ended up tripping over something that felt like a block of jelly. She faceplanted in the grass and white flowers, scrambled back up on all fours, and swiveled back at the thing she tripped on: one of those goo balls. A blue one, with hard nubs sprouting from its head... back... top... part of it. Its expression was hilariously comical considering her heavy leg was resting on it and making it look like a squashed pillow. She shifted off it and watched it spring back like it was no big deal, before it rolled away and off the edge into a lower part of the ruins. She stared at the space it had been, before looking back at the people next to her.
   They were alarmed, but the alarm for her was fleeting. The speckle-haired one even seemed to recognize her for a second when it first saw her, the white-clothed one remained serious, and the straight-haired one with looser clothing only looked worried. None of them seemed hostile at all. She just needed to calm down.
   Blinking slowly to collect herself, she picked herself back up, sheepishly rubbing grass stalks off one leg with her other foot, and then approached the trio cautiously. The smoke in the distance was still behind the cliffs and points of small mountains; that was good, at least, and judging by the others' behavior, they didn't recognize nor want to be near that thing either. She was at least okay with that, so hanging around wouldn't hurt. Any day to avoid a drone literally the size of a building.






   The Commander scowled as what he assumed was a human casually answered "no" to knowing where he was. He didn't like that the human was including him with "we" either. He would never associate with such a lowly life-form, even if they could all agree that they were lost! He slammed his claw into the ground threateningly when the human joyously asked for a name, hissing at him.

   "Problems don't solve themselves if you ignore them," Ionhazard spat. He looked up to check on the Japanese girl, but she had suddenly disappeared. Probably ran away. He went back to grimacing at the small being with bright blue hair, showing all of his serrated teeth. "Ionhazard, your future predator," he answers, "Or your current predator, if you don't tell me what's going on. What year is it? Where did you come from? And where," he now turned to the blue wolf girl on his shoulder, speaking a little quieter - as best he could, anyway - "is your faction? This person obviously isn't part of it. And don't tell me that little white girl was."




   Sector 1: Midsection Area


   A Quantum slime drifted over slowly to a tree in the Midsection, faded from view, almost as though it wasn't even there. The ghostly slime paused before popping fully back into reality and dropping at the tree's base. Unlike the other slimes, its expression was stressed and a little bit hurt, as its tiny slime stomach had been empty for a day. It bobbed around at the base of the tree, searching for something to chew on.
   The air above the distinct, yellow slime changed color for a second, as though some mist drifted through. A second passed, then again, the air changed, now having a vague shape to it like rippled water. Now the ripple didn't go away, undulating faster and faster until suddenly, it split! The gap in space formed the perfect silhouette of something boxy full of round somethings, then the thing materialized, leaving the ripple to disappear.
   A crate! It fell just inches in front of the slime's face and the rotted wood shattered like glass, scattering apples everywhere! All kinds of apples! Red, yellow, green, and everything in between. A large number of these apples flew through the tree that wasn't quite rooted in reality, and some of the apples didn't go through to the other side; instead, a distinct pop! sounded for each one and a lemon flew out in its place! The Quantum slime's face lit up, and it belted out a squeal of joy, munching on the new apples and lemons, not caring where they came from. It stirred up excitement among the other slimes in the region, and soon the boisterous, giddy laughter of Pink and Quantum slimes collected on this one spot, in full view of everyone in the middle of the sector. In their feast the slimes dropped plort after plort after plort: the common pink ones, about as useful as the lemons the slimes were eating, and the precious yellow plorts from Quantum slimes, capable of teleporting matter, just as the slimes could teleport themselves. A couple of pink slimes ate these plorts, and instantly doubled in size and turned a light lemon hue, now able to teleport themselves.
   The plorts are up for grabs!

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Satsuki watched dumbfounded as after the naïve girl ran off towards the earthquake like sound, the man casually strolled off after her.

How foolish can you be. I hope there are some more competent people here, we three surely can’t be the only ones who have been transported here She thought as she turned away from the sound and hurried onwards. As she ran, swiftly skirting past the small gelatinous creatures that seemed to call this area home, she paused as a much more ominous sound echoed behind her. Turning, her eyes narrowed in shock as a huge robot climbed over the mountain, Satsuki could just make out the head of blue hair sitting near the robots head.

“Idiots… how do they survive; I have no clue. Ryuko would probably say ‘that’s just what they do’,” Satsuki smiled slightly before shaking her head. Whether it had taken her hostage or befriended her, Satsuki couldn’t tell; either way it was safest to assume hostility.

My goal is still to find others. If I were able to access Junketsu’s power right now, then perhaps I could take it. Finding the sekki tekko should be a high priority for me.

She continued moving, swiftly running passed more ruins before emerging into a somewhat open area. At last, she could see others.There was a small group, three humans and one small creature, on closer inspection it appeared to be a colourful pony. One of them appeared to be wearing, somewhat dated, military attire.

“Have all of you been transported here as well?” Satsuki called out as she approached.

Clicking her heel her natural lights blared.

“My name is Satsuki Kiriyuin! I’m trying to gather up any and all other who have been transferred here to compile our knowledge and figure out what may have brought us here. You may have seen a colossal sized robot scaling the mountains back the way I came. I am uncertain but I believe we should take caution and consider it hostile. Do any of you possess any knowledge regarding our situation, the area or that robot,” Satsuki asked, rather loudly.


As awestruck as she’d been at being so high up, Glail looked down as her metal friend spoke to the smelly man and instantly regretted it, retreating to the middle of her ‘platform’ her ears drooping in fright.

Despite her proximity to the thing making the most noise, Glail was able to focus her ears on the smelly man.

His reply didn’t appease him towards Glail, he reminded her of the sleezy salesmen at the markets she and her father visited. She wondered what Metal Friend was thinking of him, he didn’t sound too happy.

“Ion hazard? That’s a funny name… umm I don’t think either of them were like me, I’m already different from the others according to my mum and dad,” Glail admitted, neither one of them had any traits that would make them laguz.

“The lady seemed nice though. I can’t look… is she still there? She seemed smart… I’m sorry, I’m just a puppy, I don’t really know a lot. Daddy said what I lack in brains I make up for in brawn… I don’t really know what that means but uncle Volke said daddy was being nice and mean. Do you know what it means?” Glail asked, still refusing to look down.

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[K - Sector 2 - Avalar]


He had managed to dent its torso. However, that moment of glory would not last long.


"I'll be cutting you down to size!" The robot yells as it throws more blades in his direction. 


They both manage to hit. It's by luck that Kouji's in this digimon form, otherwise he would have been dismembered just like that. But thankfully, he only reverts back to his human form. "Dammit!" He looks up at the robot and backs away several feet. Well, this is it. Sixteen years completely wasted as he watches them flash before his eyes. He remembers his father, who lied to him about his mother's death to cover up the divorce. He remembers how long it took to call his stepmother "mom", and how meeting his mother for the first time in ten years at the age of twelve almost destroyed that. 


He then remembers Kouichi- the brother he thought never existed. The brother who fell down the stairs trying to meet his twin for the first time in a long time. The one who destroyed the fort that was Kouji's carefully constructed façade. The façade that he hadn't needed to rely on anyone. Where the rest of the gang in the digital world had been pickaxes in those stone walls, Kouichi was a cannonball. 


Agh, these are people he'll never see again. His friends, his family, will they ever figure out what happened to him?


He's frozen. He can't move.




To his surprise and dismay, he hears some rather loud noises, screeches that sound like some sort of animal and gargling noises from God knows what. He glances behind the robot and his eyes widen. 


"Oh God no....

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“Hey! Who the hell are you! Talk fast or I’ll take your head!” 


Vyre spun, raising the Honorblade instinctively. He held it up in a guarding position and then froze, staring at the person who’d called out. Who in Damnation was that? What kind of outfit was that?


“My name is Moash--” No! He’d abandoned that name. Storms, thinking about Kaladin must be rattling him more than he’d realized. “--Vyre. My name is Vyre. Who in Damnation are you? Where’s this supposed to be?” 

Vyre had about half a second to realize that pointing his Blade at the person threatening him might not have been the best idea before said person launched an attack at him.

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Humans were odd creatures in Zephyr's experience, but fascinating at the same time. He could only hope whatever Noelle wrote for the man would work. But oops, he didn't mean to make the human nervous still as he took a closer look at him. Still though, he had no ill intentions to attack this human, not like he could attack anyway without the use of his pactstone. Oh, but it seemed that this 'stand' was not the human word for tower like the dragon originally thought as the human standing in water seemed to be rather baffled.


"I apologize," he said. "That is the only human term I know that represents that word." Looking disappointed as the human seemed to have grown frustrated, the dragon was relieved when Noelle finally finished writing and was trying to hand the letter off to him. Settling down, Zephyr figured it was the best option to do at the moment to let the man know he meant no harm. 


Letting out a breath of relief as the human finally moved forward, slowly but surely, Zephyr watched patiently as the guy grabbed it before reading it, looking down at Noelle to see her looking up at him with hope and he gave a slight nod to her. The man seemed quiet as he lowered the letter, listening to the dragon rattle off about pactstones and the like. But it seemed like this man wasn't from Alberia or any neighboring kingdoms as he seemed very confused about the dragon standing in front of him and only assumed that it was merely because he was a stand, something Zephyr never heard of.


"You did rather well, I'm impressed," Zephyr said to Noelle. "While you aren't good with verbal communication, whatever you wrote worked beautifully." Looking around, he still couldn't feel any other dragons around as Noelle went to go help Doppio out of the water. 


"You okay?" Zephyr asked concerned as he lowered his head to help Noelle out of the water but she was already standing up, looking sheepish that she lost her footing before looking over at Doppio. "I suppose we are stuck together and I couldn't attack you unless Noelle and I fused together with the pact stone and I trust she wouldn't harm another individual unless prompted to." 






Hearing that her name was a good name, the Galarian Ponyta whinnied happily, running around Hibiki for a second with her mane glowing for a moment. Oh, but it seemed that the male human didn't seem to care that she spoke and the other seemed a bit baffled that she did speak. Did they not have telepathically creatures back in their homeworld? How sad!


'Thank you!' Mystical said happily to Hibiki, looking over at her happily. 'I chose that name myself!


Hm? But now it seemed that the two seemed to be bickering over something and trying to figure out where they were. So they were possibly newcomer or people from other neighboring sectors on conquest and got lost. It seemed that Riza hated the fighting and while the unicorn could agree that fighting sucked, Mystical was glad that it wasn't aimed at her for the moment.


'I can easily say we're in the sector with the slimes,' Mystical spoke. 'I'm guessing you guys are either new to this land or just trying to make your way through the sectors and got lost! But it's okay to be lost! I get lost all the time here since I'm not careful!'

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Seto Kaiba
<Status: Stable>
<Active Monster(s): N/A>
<Location: Sector 1 - Midsection>
<People: Hibiki | Riza | Mystical | Satsuki>


Hibiki Tachibana
<Status: Stable>
<Gungnir Symphogear: Inactive>
<Location: Sector 1 - Midsection>
<People: Kaiba | Riza | Mystical | Satsuki>




Kaiba spared a glance in the direction Riza pointed out before he realized the unicorn could speak. Sort of. It didn't quite sound like a voice - telepathy, maybe. Still, what the unicorn had 'said' gave him pause. "...wait, slimes?"


Before he could get an answer, he felt something headbutt his leg, and it felt pretty big. Do I want to look?


Curiosity won over, and he looked down. He saw that a pink-ish ball of slime with a face was right next to his right leg. It was... surprisingly big (that thing was almost up to his waist in height... almost), and if it weren't for its size he'd swear it had come straight out of a cartoon meant for children. Next to it were much smaller and very strange objects - some pink like the slime itself, others a yellow color and looking like they weren't entirely there.


Tentatively, Kaiba stooped down to see if the yellow ones were actually not entirely there, and he was startled to find that they were completely solid despite their appearance. He picked one up and looked at it, noting how it seemed to fluctuate through various states of existing and barely-existing.


Hibiki, too, had grabbed one of the yellow ones off of the ground and was looking at it. "Any idea what these are, Kaiba-san?"


Kaiba shook his head. "You've got me there, Tachibana. Still..." Kaiba's voice trailed off as he was lost in thought. Looking at and twirling this strange object in his hand, he was reminded of how he was displaced from his own home. He had a feeling this might be useful in some way later on (though in what way escaped him), so he pocketed it.


Hibiki, meanwhile, was grabbing as many of the strange things as she could spot, which was three of the pink ones, before a new voice spoke (or, rather, shouted). Hearing about a robot scaling the mountains was very worrying to both her and Kaiba.


Kaiba then let out an exasperated sigh when he noted that this new person - Satsuki - had come from the east. Which was now dangerous thanks to the giant robot in question. "...yeah, considering it hostile sounds like the best option. As for knowing anything, that's a no on all three of those, the robot especially since that's the first I've heard of it."


Hibiki then spoke up. "Kaiba-san is right, it's the first I heard of it, too, so we don't know much there. I don't think we know much about the situation or the area, either, but we started seeing these things all over the ground." Hibiki then held up one of the pink objects she'd picked up so that Satsuki could see it.


"...so." Kaiba glanced towards the east. "Looks like our plan of going eastward flew out the window. Now what?"


Hibiki once again pocketed the pink object. "Probably try to warn those guys Riza-san pointed out. Then maybe we can all come up with a way to get past that thing or find another way out of here."


"That's the best thing I've heard out of your mouth all day, Tachibana." Kaiba then looked at Satsuki. "By the way..." He gestured to Hibiki. "Hibiki Tachibana." Then to Riza. "Riza Hawkeye." Then to the unicorn. "...Mystical." Then to himself. "Seto Kaiba. There. With that out of the way, let's get moving."


Before something else happens.

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[R - Sector 1 -Mid- Midsection]


“My name is Satsuki Kiriyuin! I’m trying to gather up any and all other who have been transferred here to compile our knowledge and figure out what may have brought us here. You may have seen a colossal sized robot scaling the mountains back the way I came. I am uncertain but I believe we should take caution and consider it hostile. Do any of you possess any knowledge regarding our situation, the area or that robot,” says the woman with the rather large eyebrows. Riza blinks- not having expected this random woman to appear. She hadn't expected her preposterously excessive demeanor or the sudden light that emanated over her when she clicked her heel. 


What. The.****.  


She focuses on Mystical, who seems rather pleasant as she speaks about how she gets lost all the time. 


"I don't normally get lost.... So why I'm here is beyond me. I'm... not entirely sure what you mean by sectors. But I suppose I am new here, since I just.... found myself in this place."


She turns to the new woman and shakes her head. "I'm afraid I have nothing either. I just found myself here, joined these two- they appear to like bickering but overall they seem competent- and then met this- er, Mystical. We've been trying to figure out what this place is since then. But Seto is correct in saying we should consider that giant robot hostile. Although you appear to come from its direction.... Is there anything significant on the other side of those mountains?"


She glances around, taking note of the giant slimes that populate the area. ...What the hell are these things, the thinks to herself. Still, Seto and Hibiki appear to be pocketing the small objects on the ground. They could be dangerous... But that's all the more reason to handle them carefully... Does she have a pack? ...Damn, that would have been wise to have. Still, she pockets one of the pink ones. 


"Let's get moving and head in the direction of those lads. It would be best to not delay, else the robot start to follow us." She glances at Satsuki. "We can continue our conversation as we move."

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Moderate Fraction's Leader


Messenger of Destruction


Dio stops abruptly at Raven's words, taken aback by the human's politeness. Had he called him -- Lord Dio? No, that wasn't right -- no one employed under Ley's service would dare grant him the honour of his formal title. It seemed that the man was not associated, just as his words had said. 


He is truthful, then. Good. Truthful men live longer under his command, because Dio runs a clan not only on fear and strength, but trust and understanding. Both in equal balance, quite unlike his cousins on the warpath. 


"Luciela R. Sourcream," he repeats, but before he can say anything further Veigas bursts out in laughter. 


"Sourcream!" the smaller demon says, mockingly, as he rolls around in the air, his previous interest in Raven's "Nasod" arm forgotten. "What a ridiculous name! If I met her, I'd quite like to rip her face out!"


"No maiming," Dio replies automatically, turning to Raven as he's proceeded all his words. "I understand," Dio says, solemn. "Then I trust you for now, Raven." How long has it been since he's spoken those words -- only during the time of Grand Chase, he thinks, and that might've been years or eons ago. Time is passing, futile, to demons who live onwards of centuries. 


"Whatever associations you may have with other demons is of no concern to me," he declares, "my own companions have forged bonds with human mercenaries for their mutual benefit; as have I, myself. Our major concern now is addressing whatever strange force might have brought us together, now. I don't like to be made a mockery of with strange forces."


"But that is all you are," Veigas purrs, eliciting a growl from Dio. In response to Raven's words, the smaller demon tilts his head.


"Never heard of them," he repeats, confirming their ignorance. "If they haven't been massacred recently, I wouldn't have known. I don't like to keep tabs on everything the human world is up to; it's all so boring, because you usually have treaties and feelings and families to think about. No destruction!"






White Rose

Posting as collab w/ Kiran




Zagreus’ smile widens as Caspian takes the bottle. Excellent - they couldn’t be enemies, now. He blinks, surprised that Caspian isn’t familiar with the substance. He thought that it would be far more common on the surface, but perhaps it was only on Mount Olympus? Yes, that would make sense - mortals didn’t have normal access to it, right? There’s so much about the surface that he needs to learn. “Ambrosia,” he says, and when Caspian’s face doesn’t light up in recognition he continues. “The food of the gods - you can try some now, if you’d like. Just a sip, it’s strong.You’ve really never seen it before?” Caspian’s fascination with the beauty of the bottle is… rather cute. Relatable, too - bottles of ambrosia were breathtaking, shining ever brighter in the darkness of the Underworld. 


“It was more or less the same for me, actually. I’d just been killed again, thanks to my father, so I should have ended up back at home, but now I’m here instead. This is preferable, I’d say.” That’s an understatement - he can’t even process how good he feels. There’s a tiny, niggling feeling in the back of his mind that this is only temporary, that soon he’ll die again, but he chooses to ignore it. If he does die again, he doesn’t want to have spent his time on the surface with any regrets or fears holding him back. He still wishes to find Olympus and his mother, of course, but he had time and being on the surface would make that far easier. For now, the constraints of his father’s realm weren’t holding him back. 


“They are,” he agreed, not ashamed to say it. Not as cute as Cerberus, with his three heads and ability to tear apart foes, but they have their own charm. The texture of the blob’s skin is strange, soft and clean yet smooth and squishy. 


to all the fools that stifled me




Try some? That in itself is doubtful, at best, and Caspian slides a questioning eye up to the other man, though Zagreus’ firm, honest expression tells him that he is not kidding. 


Who is he -- to be here now, with an unknown stranger, honestly considering trying a mysterious liquid? Decades of training wasted, he thinks with a tired amusement, if he is going to throw it all away here to be poisoned in the name of making a new friend. 


“Food of the gods,” he repeats, murmuring to himself to collect his thoughts; he inspects Zagreus with a sudden new interest. No ordinary person could come into contact with something as unique as the bottle he is now currently holding, but no enlightened god would be willing to gift it so carelessly to the first person he met, either. Who is he?


“Perhaps when we find shelter,” he suggests diplomatically, tucking the bottle safely away to his side. “Your gift is very well appreciated, and I don’t want to open it now without proper table settings.”

Then, Zagreus’ next comment catches his attention, and Caspian hesitates just slightly. Had he heard correctly -- ?


“You were … killed?” he repeats, incredulous. There is no way -- what had he been doing before appearing here? Were they in danger of any sorts? Nothing Caspian could remember distinctly, and it is strange to him to think that the realm of the dead could be one inhabited by attractive, mysterious men and small, cat-like creatures. 


Parricide, at least, is something he understands a little too well, and Caspian winces in sympathy. The strangeness of their current situation doesn’t mean he can’t be sympathetic, at least. “Where is your home?” he asks, a little too curious to restrain the question. 


The creature seems to enjoy the petting, for the most part, and Caspian feels a little awkward standing there as Zagreus and the creature interact. He has never been one to interact too fondly with animals, not to say that he disliked them -- it was more of a restraint that held him back from wanting to express to the creature how adorable he found it.


 “It likes you,” he says, amused. 




Zagreus nods, satisfied with Caspian’s decision. He’s just glad that Caspian accepted the gift -- for a moment there, Caspian had looked apprehensive, as if he wasn’t sure about it. Strange, but it all worked out in the end. Perhaps Caspian had found it worrisome because it isn’t normal to hand out ambrosia to strangers? In any case, Zagreus is glad that he appreciates it so much! 


Zagreus pauses, having forgotten how seriously mortals consider death to be. He supposes that it is serious for them. After all, they’re already living on the surface, so death isn’t just a painful inconvenience. “Ah, yes,” he says, not entirely sure how to explain it to a mortal. Most people he’d talked to recently had died at least once; King Theseus, Asterius, Meg, and his father had both killed and been killed by him. “It’s the usual situation for me. You know, try to run away from home, my father sends his minions after me, and then either they kill me or I catch a cold and die or something equally embarrassing.” He pauses; that didn’t sound right either. “I’m god- er, mostly. You don’t have to worry about it, I promise. I’m not dead now, or I wouldn’t be nearly so lively.” He smiles; there, excellent proof of his continued mostly-life, and a minor pun to boot. 


“Oh, the House of Hades, my father’s palace. It’s not a good vacation spot, unless you like that sort of thing,” he says. Eager to move on, he continues. “What about you? I can’t say that I know much mortal geography, but what’s it like?” Caspian’s home has to be a far better conversation topic than his own. 


“So it does,” Zagreus says, smiling down at the growling creature. He doesn’t want to leave it, but he supposes that he can’t keep it. It was nice meeting it, however, and he’ll treasure the memory forever. “But you mentioned shelter, right? Might as well walk and talk. See what we can find.” Honestly, it’s not so much that and more that Zagreus can’t stand to stand still (heh). He’s been trapped for so long that he needs to make some kind of progress. 

they’ve come and gone




Caspian's face twitches in response to Zagreus' words, and he closes his eyes briefly, calming himself internally. Either this was an elaborately constructed practical joke, or the delightfully gorgeous man before him is telling the truth in too-casual a manner to place him on any human scale.


"I see," he says, almost forcing the words out. "Well, I myself am glad for your continued existence. You bring delightful conversation with it, if I can say." A well-placed response, and Caspian internally compliments himself for it -- except Zagreus' smile brushes past his guards once more, and Caspian finds himself returning the expression despite the current strangeness of his situation.


Mortal geography? Once more, Caspian resigns himself to accepting the impossible, and instead hums in response to the question.


"I come from a beautiful land," he says, "but destroyed by war and strife. Regardless, the skies are welcoming and the waters clear -- only the people less so. It comes in halves; you accept some areas and deal with the others, like all things. Rebuilding is slow, but fair." He laughs sightly, thinking of Zagreus' words. "I would only partly recommend it for a vacation, and only certain areas at that."

He nods in response, ready. "I agree," he says, and it seems Zagreus is even moreso; the other man looks ready to go, except the only thing currently stopping them is the appearance of the orange, blob-like creature. At the shift in their tone and the movement of their bodies, the creature wriggles on the spot and jumps -- rather impressively -- at Caspian, who has no choice but to suddenly catch the creature now flying towards him at top speeds. In his arms, content, the little blob settles.


The Esteau prince stares up at his companion, dumbstruck; overhead, the skies stretch on for blue miles and the wind rustles picturesque greenery, broken only by a strange, relic-like structure in the distance that blows dark steam into the endless sky. Caspian clears his throat, gentle.


"It seems you've collected a new companion," he points out. 

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Allies: Caspian, Noelle, Zephyr, Doppio

Status: Uninjured

Weapon: Stygius, Blade of the Underworld

Location: Sector 1


Caspian doesn’t seem entirely convinced by Zagreus’ words about who he was or where he came from, but Zagreus doesn’t press. He doesn’t know what’s so hard to believe about it, but Caspian hadn’t outright denied him.


Besides, he was far too distracted by Caspian’s next words to worry about the possibility of Caspian not believing him. What a delightful response! His smile widens and he places a hand to his chest before bowing slightly. “Glad to be of service, sir,” he says, not to be outdone. “And to you as well -- I can’t imagine better company in this strange place.” 


He listens to Caspian’s description of his homeland, eager to hear all he can. He had, truly, never really thought about the damage his cousin caused to mortal lands; Ares had always been such a help to him. He wasn’t blind to how warfare killed people, of course. Plenty of shades had arrived in the House due to death in battle, and of course there was Achilles. It’s the way of the world, for humans to fight and die. Still, it’s sad to think about how it affected the people left behind. He nods, more serious than he had been before. “It sounds beautiful,” he says. “Still, I would like to visit it someday, even the less vacation-worthy spots.” He doesn’t mean anything by his words -- he merely wishes to see as much of the world as he can. 

He laughs; it seems that they won’t be leaving the blob creature so quickly after all. “Are you so sure, Caspian? It seems to me as though you’re the one that collected a companion.” 


He reaches back to grip the handle of Stygius, just to make sure the weapon is there and waiting. The Infernal Arm hums in his grip and he releases it, letting his arm fall forward. Normally he would travel by running and dashing, eager to get through the Underworld as quickly as possible, but out of consideration for Caspian he walks. 


There’s so much to see while they walk, but Zagreus can’t help but look directly at the sun. It burns, but it’s just so bright. It’s so amazing to see -- he knew he would one day, but he’s finally made it and it's almost hard to believe. 


and passed me by

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[ Sector: One ]
[ Location: Midsection - In Pond ]
[ Nearby People: Noelle, Zephyr, Zagreus, Caspian ]


Water splashed onto Doppio’s jeans as Noelle tumbled over into the water. He squeaked, jumping backwards as he shielded his face from the incoming water. He peered through the cracks of his fingers and immediately felt a rush of shame when he saw Noelle looking up at him timidly. It was rude to equate almost any sudden movement as a potential attack, especially when it has been established Noelle and Zephyr weren’t Stand users, but Doppio just couldn’t help himself.


“Oh no, are you okay?” Doppio said. He lowered his hands back down to his side. He squatting down so he was at eye level with Noelle before offering her his hand. “That was quite a fall you—woah oh, hey!” 


Zephyr had dipped his head down presumably to help Noelle get it. Doppio might have accepted—well sorta accepted—the fact that the weird bird-creature wasn’t a Stand, but that didn’t mean he was anymore comfortable with it getting close to him. As soon as Zephyr moved towards Noelle, Doppio retracted his hand, hastily rose to his feet, and took several steps back. Doppio deliberately glanced away from the two, awkwardly shoving his hands into his pocket. He could hear Zephyr speak softly to Noelle. Were they talking about him? Doppio puffed out his cheeks, tapping his foot underwater. He was still in earshot! They could at least wait until they were on the move or something to talk about attacking him with their pactstone—wait what?


Doppio, completely missing the context of what Zephyr was now saying to him, sputtered in confusion. 

“Y-You were going to attack me, weren’t you?” Doppio said. He pointed a finger at the two accusingly. “You couldn’t attack me without fusing but you would if you could, huh? Is that what I’m hearing?” Doppio lifted his chin up and narrowed his eyes in what he hoped was an intimidating display mimicking something Boss would do. “Well I’m not going to sit around and wait for you to—eep!


Materializing a few feet above him was a yellow slime. Doppio managed to notice it just in time to raise his arms and catch it. The slime was squishy and squirmed about in Doppio’s grasp. He awkwardly tried to squeeze it tightly to its chest so it wouldn’t escape. The slime stared up at Doppio with the same relentlessly cheerful expression as the first slime he had encountered. 


“Where’d you come from?” Doppio asked, completely forgetting his prior anger. The slime wiggled in Doppio’s arms, but did not struggle further. Glancing down in the water beneath him, Doppio could see strange triangular objects floating in the water. Those weren’t there before. Raising an eyebrow, Doppio glanced over behind him. There was a small congregation of slimes on an hill not too far away. Surrounding them, were more of the triangular objects. The must have fallen down the incline and found their way into the water, but that didn’t explain how the slime simply teleported above Doppio’s head. 


As Doppio scanned the horizon for more slimes, he saw two silhouettes heading in his direction. One of them appeared to be a shirtless man who was staring up into the sky (for more weird teleporting slimes maybe) and the other was a shorter man with soft, pink locks. Doppio turned back towards Noelle and Zephyr.


“Hey, do either of you know who those two are?” Doppio asked, motioning towards the strangers. “I don’t recognize them, but they might be someone you know.”



[ Sector: Two ]
[ Location: Burned Lands ]
[ Nearby People: Dio, Veigas ]


“You could certainly try,” Raven said dully. “Luciela’s strength far exceeds her name or appearance.” Veigas was not the first person to find Lu’s last name to be ridiculous. In all honesty, Raven had a hard time taking her seriously when they first met. She was too childish for his liking, but as time went on she had proven herself as both a talented warrior and a good friend. While Veigas did remind Raven of Lu, he could not claim to feel the same about Veigas as he did his friend.

Both Veigas had Dio had clear disdain for one another, and while Luciela often joked about using her powers in ridiculous authoritarian ways, Raven did not know Veigas enough to know if he was jesting or being serious.


“Thank you,” Raven said, turning his attention away from Veigas and back to Dio. “I appreciate your trust. I’ll be sure to treat it with care.” The dismissive way Dio spoke reminded Raven of his encounters with other demons, but there was still something… off. Raven frowned, his fingers tapping against his leg. Their ignorance of the Nasods was confounding. Adrian, the creator of the Nasods, and spoken with the El Lady in regards to their creation and safety. If the goddess herself was interested in the power that resided in the Nasod species, then surely demons would, at the very least, know about it. 


Raven wished to speak with the demons further, but before he could open his mouth a loud shriek sounded from above. Raven looked up into the sky to see his ifrit circling overhead. Raven lifted up his Nasod arm and outstretched it so she could use it as a perch. The bird instantly noticed the new landing zone. With a caw, she dove down towards the arm. She slowed down as she grew nearer and, with a single final flap of her wings, she grabbed the arm with her burning claws and snapped her wings shut. She scooted towards Raven’s wrist as to not burn him before looking up at his expectantly. 


“What did you see?” Raven asked. The ifrit lifted her head and motioned it towards the south. “Are there others here?” Raven asked. “In the south?” The ifrit bobbed her head. Raven hummed to himself, turning his gaze towards the direction of where the newcomers were arriving from. Considering that the first two people he met had been friendly, he couldn’t assume that whoever was coming was going to be hostile. Still, he needed to be on his guard. 


“We’re being approached,” Raven said, now glancing over at his demonic company. “I’d like to speak with the both of you further, but for now I think there’s a more pressing issue at hand.”

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Image result for spyro burned lands reach the volcano


[Sector 2 - Burned Lands - Squadron number ???]


Not one, not two, but three humanoids outside of their village.


How troublesome. 


The leader of the squadron, a rather promising young Orc, makes the other four Orcs aware of their presence. It wakes up the ten lazy Grublins from their slumber and gestures to the little group on the other side of the lake. The leader knows what it has to do- exterminate them and quickly report the incident to Malefor so he knows to keep more squadrons near the village in case of more escapees. 


It unhooks the two Trolls from their restraints, then gestures for the entire squadron to get a move on. 


Time to teach these naughty villagers a lesson.

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-A friend like Daifuku-


Daifuku snarled at the distant man as he turned and drew his sword.

“You don’t know where you are and you draw your weapon at me?” he growled.

Another young intruder coming to our islands

“Well I'm Daifuku. Fourth son of Big Mom,” Daifuku responded, as his hands lowered to his stomach and began to rub the belt around his waist.

A huge blue djinn, larger than Daifuku and wielding a Bisento as large as it, erupted from the buckles on Daifuku’s stomach.

“And you have 5 seconds to drop your weapon and beg for your life!” He cried.


The djinn let out a battle cry and flew forwards towards Vyre, bisento raised.

The soldiers all drew their guns and ran forwards after the djinn, aiming towards the intruder.




Satsuki nodded acknowledgement at the introductions, her eyes looking inquisitively at the creature as it was referred to by name.

It seems to be intelligent then. Interesting...

She could make out the small group across from them and Satsuki moved with the group as they began walking, though her gaze would often shift back towards the smoke cloud still visible on the horizon.

“I’m afraid I was unable to get closer to observe if there was anything past the robot. I am unable to perform to my full strength at the moment and deemed it unwise to risk engaging a battle where I would be outmatched” Satsuki told them.


“What’s more, I was not alone, it seems that those of us transported here were deposited in groups. I was with one very naive girl who seems to possess magic and could transform into a wolf the size of a Siberian tiger. And an oddly dressed man with colourful hair.” Satsuki explained.


“The girl, I last saw atop the robot, she seemed very dim witted; though, in my experience, you can reach a point of idiocy where you can proceed with actions a rational person would deem impossible or too risky to attempt. I’m guessing that she attempted to befriend the robot upon discovering it. The man followed after her but I have not seen him since, I assume he is still in the wooded area that the robot has moved to,” Satsuki continued.


“It would be useful to know what type of combat potential each of you possess. The one advantage we have is that we are numerous and likely possess a wide range of abilities. The robot also cannot use tactics such as stealth due to its size, and that it’s position can be observed from the smoke plume above it,” Satsuki said, pointing towards the grey plume somewhat visible past the ruins. Her eyes examined her temporary companions again. The woman seemed to be wearing military garb that looked somewhat dated, appropriately she was also carrying a gun. The boy and girl both didn’t seem to have any weapons on hand, the boy did have a strange device on his arm.

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Sarah ‘Swift’ Hood lay spread out on the sofa in the apartment she used to share with her friend Ruby. That is, before she left and went to Oz for some reason. She missed Ruby and wished she could have an adventure to take her mind off it and her; usually exciting, death-defying trips and fights did that. Maybe she should go back to Sherwood to meet her brother Roland and do cool children-of-Robin-Hood things or visit Aladdin and Jasmine in Agrabah... 

Just as she had almost decided on going to Sherwood, she felt a tug, then a wrench, and then she was falling. Falling’s fine,she thought, realising she didn’t have to be alarmed for any reason. I can fly. But right then she hit the ground, all the breath driven out of her lungs. Where am I? She jumped up, years of experience launching her to her feet and pulling her hand towards the quiver of arrows slung across her back. She spun around, trying to find out where she was and if there any other people around, though all she saw were funny blobby pink things that were kind of cute, but might be dangerous. She approached one carefully. “Hello?” she said warily. Maybe it could talk?

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Moderate Fraction's Leader


Messenger of Destruction


"I'd like to battle her," Veigas continues, ignoring the glare that Raven shoots in his general direction at his tone of voice. "How much she would struggle, what she would attempt to do ... it would be delightful, crushing other demons like bugs. Teaching them a lesson!"


"Enough," Dio snaps, voice low. They have just managed to claim conversation with the mercenary, and while Dio isn't privy to carefully considering the emotions of others, he does not see further cause to drive an unnecessary rift between their agreement, all in part due to Veigas' ridiculous nature. 


The smaller demon stops talking, much to his relief, although a second later Dio realises it had not been his command that had silenced Veigas but rather the appearance of Raven's flame companion, back from her search. The human's warning hardly goes unnoticed; Dio immediately whips his attention towards the horizon, eyes scanning the horizon for any sign of a threat, and Veigas claps his hands gleefully.


"Wonderful," the little demon says, floating forward as he considers their current situation. "What should I do this time? Perhaps I should pretend to be an orphan. Or I can say that you both are my abusive fathers, and have you arrested for indecency!" 


He claps his hands together, neon purple electricity erupting from between his fingers as Deus Ex Machina reveals itself, the cube constructing itself into a proper shape between his fingertips. The voice of the Creator rumbles in his mind, a faraway claim to absolute sovereign, and Veigas throws the cube up, bouncing it between his fingertips.


"Or, we kill them here and drink their blood!"


Veigas' joyful proclamation is interrupted by the appearance of a summoned spear, dark purple and shooting through the air to slice through the winds, embedding itself beside him. Dio gives Raven an exasperated glance, as if to apologise for the smaller demon's theatrics, lowering his demonic arm.


"You are a tribal leader," he scolds, "act like one." Then, to Raven: "Lead on." 






White Rose


"Hardly so," Caspian responds, looking away out of slight embarrassment, but he does not shift even as the creature in his arms settles comfortably into his hold. What a daring move; Caspian stares down at the little cat-like face, and the creature smiles in return at him, shaking. 


Resigning himself to a fate of glorified creature handler, Caspian can't quite find it in his heart to abandon the little creature -- or, god forbid, drop it right now. From Zagreus' tone it is clear that the other man finds it best that they move forward; not one to argue, Caspian allows him to take the lead. Zagreus sets a steady pace, if not a little fast, and so Caspian focuses on scanning their current surroundings and keeping up with the rapid movement of Zagreus' footsteps.


That is, until they hit a clearing and he wants to tell the other man that they should approach with caution, for fear of anything else jumping out at them, when he turns around and finds Zagreus staring clearly up at the sky.


Straight onto the sun, in fact, and Caspian blinks in disbelief as Zagreus somehow walks into the clearing without a second thought, face still turned upwards. In fact, he seems to be moving his head so that his eyes can land directly into the sun's rays, each time.


Panicked, Caspian scurries after Zagreus, also stepping into the clearing without a second thought. Perhaps the morning sun is getting to him as well, or that there is a strange spell placed on the sky in this land, for he can find no explanation for Zagreus' strange behaviour and what he does next. 


He reaches up, one hand still holding the little creature in his chest; the creature, for its benefit, does not move as much as it tilts its big black eyes upwards and stares at the interaction with the exact amount of confusion that Caspian currently feels. He brings Zagreus' face down, a little forcefully, squishing the other man's cheeks between his fingers. 


"Please do not do that," he says, mouth dry, enunciating every word a little too clearly. "The sun is harmful for your eyes." Aware that he is still holding the other man's face in his hands, Caspian blinks at him, rather dazed. 

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MSP (Small).png

“And you have 5 seconds to drop your weapon and beg for your life!” 


Vyre’s eyes widened. He’d seen a lot of strange things, starting with Kaladin’s ability to heal with Stormlight and escalating all the way up to trapping a man inside a gem on a magical knife, but this was new. 


The blue-skinned creature flew at him with a yell, followed by the other forces with the man--Daifuku. Vyre narrowed his eyes and took a deep breath, filling himself with Stormlight. He gripped his Blade and raised it to his shoulder.


Then he Lashed himself skywards and forwards, spinning the sword to slash through the bisento--



And he was suddenly somewhere else. 



RSP (Small).png


The two groups approached each other, then started to slow, although neither quite halted. Renarin glanced around to see if anybody was going to call out to them. The not-Thunderclast didn’t speak their language; that was a lost cause. Neither of his companions looked inclined to speak.


Of the other group, there were two women, one dressed in a half-familiar military fashion, a man, and a tiny horse with an absurdly colored mane and horn. Renarin would call it strange, but...he glanced over his shoulder at the not-Thunderclast again. I’ve seen stranger in the past ten minutes.


...Was he going to have to be the one to make the first overture again? Renarin groaned internally. Words were his father’s thing, or his brother’s, or even Captain Kaladin’s. Not his.


But, well.


Someone had to, he supposed. 


Hello,” Renarin said. “Do any of you know where this is, or what that is?” He pointed in the direction of the other not-Thunderclast.


Wonderful. He’d stuttered over his words. Great start.

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   The mech kept looking back and forth, shuffling, and fidgeting in place, uncertain of what to do now. The alien beings with flat faces had stopped talking, and collectively noticed something past her, beyond the corner of the ruins there. She swiveled to look past the wall, and noticed that the small group she previously noticed on the other side of the gap was heading toward them. The movement was hasty, but nonthreatening, and the people looked just as confused as the three next to her. Perhaps the massive drone in the distance made everyone concerned? Maybe they were grouping up to think of a plan? Except, despite all of them seeming to be the same species, everyone moved with a sort of tension. She stared at the wide variety of clothing, colors, and facial structures of these new people, and the blue one's apparent pet. They were so different, even from each other... another nationality? Different clans?

   No one seems to know anyone, she thought, calculating the vast differences, looking between her group and the next. A lot of them have similar faces. Only the speckled one is tan. Two of these new people have weird chest lumps, and they also have long hair, like the one in loose clothes... dimorphism? Looks like it. She looked at the smallest member of the group, closest in size to a Xinschi-uual: a quadruped with no discernible toes, just strange, flat claw-feet, an elongated face, and poofs on its neck, head, and rump. A tiny horn sprouted from its head. Neea felt a little better, knowing she wasn't the odd one out, but it also led credence to a strange idea: Are we all lost?

   The speckle-haired one didn't look thrilled about the newcomers, as each person examined the other, judging for trust. A bit awkwardly, it tried to say something - again, nothing discernible to Neea - and pointed over the clifftops in the distance, where thick plumes of smoke were still visible. She studied its expression. Did it know what it was, or was it just pointing it out? No one else looked very certain, just baffled. She wondered if she should try and tell them it was a drone, but she wasn't confident that it even was a drone. It just looked like one, to her. She didn't have much against drones, either; she knew they were programmed to destroy mechs, but so far she's seen more aggression from her own Empire. Maybe it was just because she's a scrap build... but she hasn't exploded or leaked yet. Hopefully not ever, as long as she was out here with these people.






   Another warping anomaly appeared over the ocean, across from Sector 6. First the waves stirred up, disturbing the wind and temporarily creating a whirlpool as a massive vortex formed. It was present only for a second before a thunderous boom violently pushed apart the air and water, the hole left behind rapidly filling with rock and magma. The surprised screeches of many creatures could be heard immediately afterward as some force suddenly pushed them into a new location. Glowing sea monsters and fireproof avians alike floundered for a bit while they reoriented themselves. Luckily, no one was seriously injured, though one beast did angrily bark at the universe for the interruption. These universes didn't spawn in quite as gracefully as they needed to, but on the plus side, it meant they had conveniently become a single sector.

   The anomaly left a rippling effect, like water, causing a few other disturbances in Mul'tilennaya. For one, the seafloor had fractured along Sector 4's border, distancing it from the rest of the sectors and, fortunately for it, further from Sector 3. Unfortunately, it also created an expanse of unclaimed ocean that Sector 3's curse readily entered, greedy for more territory. It has now blocked off Sector 4 from the rest of the continent.

   Secondly, two people were warped around. Satsuki has vanished completely, and Moash is suddenly inside a forest with red leaves, quite a distance from where he was.


   The entrance of Sector 12 could only be distantly heard by those in Sector 1, easily mistaken for anything. When Ionhazard heard it, he dismissed it as a distant event that didn't concern him, whereas Neea prickled in apprehension, assuming it was him. Glail perked up a bit from her hunkered-down position, ears twitching. "What was that?"

   "Nothing," he grumbled.

   "It sounded like an explosion! Also is the lady still there?"

   "She's not there," he snapped. She wasn't kidding when she said she's a puppy, his thoughts muttered. Glail sulked, picking up on his agitation, and tucked her tail closer to her. Her curiosity came back though when Ionhazard abruptly looked up and to the right, in the direction the boom had come from, as though he saw something out there. She didn't dare look down to see the person he was talking to earlier, so she stared out into the distance too.

   She didn't see anything, particularly because there was nothing to see. Ionhazard was picking up on something completely different: a signal? There wasn't a signal when he woke up. It didn't have a signature attached to it, so he didn't know what it was, just that it was weird to have a signal show up in what he would've easily believed was a simulation; but the humans DDOSed receivers when running simulations so the machines couldn't locate each other. Having a signal here meant that he wasn't hacked.

   He shot another look down at the bright-haired being he had threatened. So was this the future? These were clearly humans, as far as he was concerned, but it would have to be quite late in the millennium for them to have forgotten everything. Although that was plenty of time for a corpotransation girl to fully believe she was a blue-furred wolf.

   Ionhazard wasn't known for being imaginative, but he could at least decide that his place was as foreign as it could be. That meant no interruptions from post-war generations. It also meant the other Commanders weren't here. Unless that giant boom was the Archivist falling out of orbit, but that would've been obvious, and the reactor might've gone off and, well, killed everyone. Including him. So that wasn't it.

   The machine scowled further as the list of curiosities grew. Perhaps he was too bored and was finding things to nitpick. His orders were to wake up, "clean up" for recolonization, and then wait for the ships to arrive. That's it.

   "What was it?" Glail asked again.


   "Was it the hello?"

   Ionhazard abruptly paused. "What 'hello'?" he murmured back, as quiet as a machine his size could.

   "I heard a lady say hello," Glail said, assuming that's what her new friend had perked up at. She sniffed the air, before wrinkling her nose in disappointment. "I can't smell anything over you."

   The Commander disregarded the insult and looked around, searching for another human, but he only saw the person below him who was so friendly before, no one else. Not even the Japanese girl had returned. There were some pink blobs hopping by the gate the girl had likely escaped through, but judging by their behavior and dumb expressions, they were no brighter than chickens. He was inclined to snip at Glail and tell her she was hearing things, and distracting him, but knowing how different this place has been so far, he took her question as a word of caution, and scanned the valley again for anything alive that wasn't a plant. It might not be a simulation, but something could be watching them.




   The "nothing" in Sector 12 - that is, the signal he picked up - abruptly jolted back into consciousness. Another computer, it picked up sudden massive damages from all over the place, all linked back to the being's body. She groaned at the dull aching and numbness, an all-too-familiar feeling reminding her of air raids, artillery fire, and guerilla attacks.

   With the protesting strain of metal, she lifted herself up, feeling where all the cracks and breaks were. She was suspended on an angle, still locked into the ceiling, but nearly separated from it. A number of her plates had broken off. One eye was out from hitting the floor. Her tools were... thank goodness, still responsive. She took a moment to adjust the clarity of picture so she could see in the darkness, and gasped. My compound...!

   It was hardly recognizable. Plates, beams, drywall pieces and dust, LED fixtures laying broken on the floor... so much to clean, so much to fix... this is the third time this has happened. Oh no, and it was flooded too!

   "Curses!" she hissed, raising up from the water's surface, though she could barely move another inch. The water was shallow and clear, but as dark as it was, she must be underground. She held her head on an angle, letting it drip dry. One con of being a robot, or at least, this kind: you can't feel what's on you. By some sheer stroke of luck she at least hadn't short-circuited. She hummed in dismay as she assessed remote damages to the rest of the compound. Almost everything had no power to it. Some wings were unresponsive, as if missing. Only one server had survived whatever caused this, equipped with only a stack of blueprints. Seems she was back at square one for building the place.

   She shook off a piece of drywall, letting it splash into the water, and looked around, not daring to swivel on a broken base. Among the refuse she saw a camera, wet and muddy. Solemnly, she moved a mechanical arm out to grab it, lifting it up and letting the water drain from the components and attached limbs. It was a little bot, and a sore sight, too.

   "Poor thing..." she murmured. She shuffled through the water with another arm, looking for anything soft, and found a piece of what looked like seaweed, which she rubbed the lens clean with. It was a bit scratched, but nothing that couldn't be repaired. She placed the bot down on the console surrounding her, its tabletop a good foot above the water's surface, and examined its legs. They were in a lot worse condition. She scanned her surroundings, thinking.

   "We have a lot of leaks. Legs won't help you much, here. But there's a grate... I could bend that into a fan, and that would make a good motor case, and here's a rod... I can make this work." She invited optimism in the situation, trying to ignore her persistent aching. She flicked through the assembly of tools under her, found a butane torch, and was both surprised and relieved when it turned on without issue.

   "Let's get you fixed up."

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Having fallen into the water, Noelle could only be thankful her clothes were fairly bog resistant and a bit of wind magic could dry them off. Nothing would save her from the embarrassment she felt having fallen while trying to help someone however. Oh well, at least she'd conveyed Zephyr and her meant no harm, right? Sighing as she got to her feet once again and heard the dragon, the messanger gave a nod.


"...Thank you, I really don't want any fighting," Noelle softly said, trying to smile.


Although that smile didn't last long as *more* panic from Doppio happened. Face contorting to a look of anguish to Zephyr for the poor phrasing of his sentence, Noelle looked back to Doppio with ditress. Oh why did the dragon have to say it like that!? She knew he wasn't the best with humans either, but clearly neither was the other person and this was jsut a bad case of misunderstanding!


"N-No! That's not, um... that's not what he meant..!" she tried to manage out, putting her hands over her face and taking a deep breath.


She jsut had to calm down beforeshe got more riled up... It was simply just a way of trying to tell the purple man they further meant no harm... Oh! But much to the messenger's surprize, Doppio was distracted by a potless slime and that made her a bit relieved. But wait? Where did it come from.


"Did that just... teleport?" Noelle asked in confusion as she looked around. There were small littler slime things around now and she wondered if they were slime eggs... if thats how slimes... made more of themselves. She didn't really know how nor want to learn. 


"We really don't mean any harm, both of us are very lost... Zephyr was just trying to reassure you he wouldn't... a-and couldn't attack you," she told, steeling her nerves before Doppio mentioned others.


Others? Following the purple man's motioning to them, Noelle almost got hopeful it'd be someone like the commander... but no, she knew who neither of them were.


"...No, I dont know them..." Noelle answered with slight disappointment bfore trying to perk up again and patting her own cheeks to pysche herself up.


"B-But maybe... Um, maybe they know where we are," she toldshe told, steeling her nerves, offering a hand again.


"Here, um... Let's get out of the water- I can dry us both off quickly," the messeger offered again. They really, really needed to get out of the water, someone was going to catch a cold at this rate.


Oh shoot, oh *shoot* this guy was not falling for his casual act was it? Vuljak had been trying his best to appear friendly, charming, but apparently that didn't work on machinery. That wasn't something that made the Zoroark feel all too better inside, no it just made him a bit more nervous, not that he'd show it. In the face of danger, he jsut had to be smart, cunning, there was always a way out of situations like this. He had to shrug slightly at the metal behemoth's comment however.


"I'm not so much ignoring it as biding my time as I figure out where I am," Vuljak answered.


What to do what to do... Thinking about just that, a shudder was sent through him as the machine- Ionhazard bared his teeth. Now that looked deadly- and Vuljak, for one, was not one to let himself be not so intimidated. Now he knew what he was doing~ Peering up to Iohazard with a glint in his eyes, a sudden flash covered the area- and where Vuljak once stood as a 'human', now stood him... looking just like Ionhazard. Question after question, this hunk of metal was just as lost as they all were!


"Predator? Why I don't think so, and here I was trying to be friendly!" he mused, still trying to hold his confidence. He could whine to himself later.


"Do I look better now? I'm one of you now and just like you, I haven't a clue where we are, and where I came from is anyones guess!" he answered, more trying to throw the bot off as he mimicked the gesture of bearing serrated teeth.


By now, the Zoroark realized there wasn't much winning anyone over, so the best course of action? Cause a bit of panic and confusion and bolt first chance he got. Oh, but he almost felt bad listening to the gal up there talk, she was just a kid from the sounds of it.


"Fraid whitey ran the other direction," he answered her, having the illusioned form eye the big robot it matched in form. "But what now, hm?"


The best thing about a bigger illusion is that they tend to always hit in the wrong place when they struck and that's what he was betting on now, knowing it was only a matter of moments.


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