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OFFICIAL Dragon Cave Emergency Room - Less than 4 days left only!

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Official Dragon Cave Emergency Room


Welcome to the DC Emergency Room.  This is for dragons with less than 4 days left ONLY.




1.  Only post dragons with less than four days left to hatch or grow up.  If your dragon has more time than this, please use the Official Dragon Cave Forum Hatchery.  Unauthorized posts will be removed.

2.  Only post dragons that you own.  Posting dragons you do not own will result in post removal and a warning.  Don't forget to remove dragons you have abandoned or traded away - posts with these will be removed.

3.  If your dragon hatches or grows up, or you need to add more dragons, please edit your post.  You can do this as many times as you wish.  If your post is missing (see Rule 4) and you still have dragons under 4 days left, feel free to repost them.

4.  Posts in this topic will be removed after three days to keep growing things visible and prevent clutter.

5. This is not a chat topic.  It is for posting growing eggs and hatchlings under 4 days left ONLY.  Other posts will be considered spam.

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DoTfk.gif k17TT.gif

These guys have just under 4 days left! Any clicks would help, thank you!


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yw7f5.gif      This egg has 1day and 1 hour.   Thank you in advance for all your help ❤️

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Hi, i haven't play in years, and i need some help pls.

EpUJR.gif - 1 day

MaVwo.gif - 1 day

2qRiM.gif - 1 day

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