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OFFICIAL Dragon Cave Forum Hatchery - Post your eggs and hatchlings here!

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Welcome to the DC Forum Hatchery.  Here you can post any of your growing dragons, and give views and clicks to other users' dragons!




  1. Only post dragons that you own.  Posting dragons you do not own will result in post removal and a warning.  Don't forget to remove any eggs you have traded away or abandoned - posts with those will be removed.
  2. Actually post your dragons, not a link to your scroll.  We need to be able to see them to give them views.
  3. If you need to add or remove a dragon, edit your post instead of posting again.  You can do this as many times as you wish.  If your post is missing (see Rule 4) feel free to repost.
  4. Posts over one week old will be removed.  This will make sure growing things are visible and keeps the thread from becoming cluttered.
  5. If your dragon has less than four days left to hatch or grow up, you may also use the Official Dragon Cave Emergency Room thread.
  6. This is not a chat topic.  It is to only be used for posting growing dragons and nothing more.  Chat posts are considered to be spam.
  7. This thread and the Dragon Cave Emergency Room are the only forum threads where growing dragons may be posted, outside of forum signatures.  Anywhere else will be considered spam.



*****Helpful Tips*****


  1. Fresh eggs and hatchlings are prone to getting sick.  It's best not to post them anywhere when they are brand new.
  2. If your dragon is sick, it has gotten too many views and/or clicks too quickly, or "overfeeding".  Use the Hide action until it hopefully recovers.
  3. If your egg isn't getting enough views and/or clicks here, you can add it to your forum signature or post it on a fan site.

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Oh noes I was too slow to edit and lost my first post :(




 0SofJ.gif     1heRk.gif uuFMp.gif  l1yTl.gif L6MF7.gif v2DQf.gif9Clr1.gif 289k6.gif


 EC53g.gif ywezv.gif gCbFg.gif 9EjEq.gif












Edited by Herk

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Here goes:


tp0vw.gif rJ39H.gif 0ujvI.gif KhADh.gif PNFJV.gif



ZYplD.gif NksKV.gif natQY.gif pmWwJ.gif DR9ha.gif uxcG5.gif jr8S3.gif rJEPg.gif BxDZi.gif

Edited by YukiHijikata

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Whoops there goes my post!



Edited by Dirtytabs

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My eggs: su3Yo.gif jLHwS.gif 6GCUI.gif

My Dragons:


You guys are the best to helping us out.

Edited by Neptavgaz

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My Eggos:

3bj6j.gif 8lg3C.gif 3XW4t.gif


My Draggos:

JRExN.gif ErSRa.gif

Edited by Rivierre

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