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Day of Dragons

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Hello there! Close this if there's already a day of dragons thread...I searched and didn't see any. I wanna see if people are excited or know about this game's existence. 

I love dragons so this is like a dream come true for me, I always wanted a game like this since I was small. ❤️ 

It's a open world survival game (online or single) where you play as a DRAGON! You guys should check it out, the state of the game is very early alpha but it looks soooooo gooooooood.


Video games where you get to play as a dragon are so rare, so this seems awesome. I can't wait to play it and I'm excited to discuss it with other people!! :DD








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I would really love to see an open world survival game where you're able to play as a dragon, and based on just how well the kickstarter for Day of Dragons did, a lot of people want a game like this, so I really hope it's happening. 

However, there are some major problems surrounding this game that make this kickstarter really look like a scam created by someone with no proof of game development or even programming experience. The game as it is now, the screenshots above and anything in the game you've seen youtubers or streamers show off, are all unreal engine marketplace assets. Nothing in the game is original except for the HUD and four lines of code. Anyone could put together the current game in a few days without doing any programming or modeling. 

Most of the concept art used in the kickstarter is stolen or not licensed to Day of Dragons. The developer has shown no proof that he actually can make a game, and after the success of the kickstarter has shown himself to be greedy, already planning merch and revealing that most dragons in the game will be $5-10 DLCs. (Which, if the game is happening, this makes it much less exciting.) 

The Day of Dragons discord has a zero tolerance policy for bringing up any of these concerns, and if you do you will be attacked by supporters, mods, and even the developer himself. You will be banned from the server. Your discord tag and other servers you are in could even be shared publicly, possibly to encourage supporters to attack you elsewhere. 


So yeah, as much as I think a survival game about dragons would be awesome, this just might not be the one. :( 


Source for my information if you want to read or watch it for yourself.


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I saw a video where another guy basically made the exact same game with the exact same assets from "scratch" in a few days! The environment and dragons where both store bought and Beawesome seemingly only made 4 lines of code on their own. The video also went into detail on the team's generally sketchy behavior.

Here he is if you wanna see for yourself.

I'm not condemning anyone because they might just be inexperienced but I certainly wouldn't recommend giving them your money until the issues are dealt with or addressed in a meaningful way.


It feels like a scam to me personally, it seemed sketchy from the moment I learned that most dragons are behind a limited time paywall but this seals it for me. Which is a real shame because the interviews sounded like there was a lot on the way but with all the stuff discussed in the video I'm kinda doubting that anything will come of it.


Don't loose hope for the concept, there are other people out there who seem to be trying to do the same thing. The same guy who made the video recommended "Emberfall" as an alternative in their description, I types the name into YouTube and videos called "dragon game project" showed up on the first slot so I think it's what he's talking about. It's pretty bare bones and the graphics aren't HD like day of dragons so I wouldn't jump to conclusions yet but the dragon looks better in terms of design (NO hang butt wings!) and they actually seem to be making visible progress in their videos. Non-AAA graphics aren't flashy and can be constraining but i'd prefer a good game with sub-par graphics over a gorgeous nothing-game any day.


LINK to their latest video

For some reason lizard men are also in the mix now but the dragon seems to be the main focus so the lizards are probably nothing to worry about.

It's really early in development from the looks of it but it might be worth keeping an eye on.


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This did not age very well... It truly is a pity. So many people would love a game like this.

I've heard of a few creators making something similar, though. That's good.

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Yeah, I heard about this back in October of 2019 and was excited. And then I started seeing vids like this pop up.


So many bad choices and malpractices with this game and it feels like a massive let down. I would love to play a survival game as a dragon, but under someone with a proper head on their shoulders. A moral compass might also help. Not someone who can't take criticism and threaten to docx people who disagree.  

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Yeah, that is exactly why I wont ever play that. I did hear of another dragon game coming up that is similar called Draconia Game, hoping it's somewhat the same but without all the issues.

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The dragons aren't even original, they're pretty much all ripped from other media and barely changed, they didn't even bother to add their own spin or remove something in most cases. It's gotten comically bad at this point.




Hmm who might you be "based" off of?

File:Fire Wyvern Ability Concept.jpg


Hmm, a wyvern that sets itself on fire, a coincidence i'm sure.



Wow, a dragon with long wings, tail fins, and a short neck that shoots plasma, is the fastest of all, and has an invisibility gimmick, never heard of thaaat beforeeee.


Skrill | How to Train Your Dragon Wiki | Fandom

Exact same body type (sans legs), spikes and barely different wings. They couldn't even be bothered to change up the powers even slightly. At least the previous HTTYD knock-offs had SOME plausible deniability and the slightest bit of an original design. This one is just insultingly lazy.

Concept art of the Hybrid dragon by Jia Hao

Stormcutter | How to Train Your Dragon Wiki | Fandom

Four wings, exact same tail fin, same body-shape and neck length, very similar color scheme, they've pretty much stopped trying to even hide it at this point.


And there's an upcoming one called the "Behemoth Ice Drake" that is super large and has other dragons bring it food in exchange for protection that immediately gets the "alpha stage" upon reaching adulthood.




Look, i'm fine with fanwork and i'm fine with drawing inspiration but we can all see what they're doing, right? They're just straight up shamelessly copying other dragons in media (mostly HTTYD) without even the slightest tweaks. I know they're lazy about coding and all that crap buy you'd think they'd at least TRY with the dragons given that they supposedly "love dragons so much". There's taking inspiration and there's making a fan-work out of love and then there's just being a shameless copycat, and this REALLY looks like a shameless copycat to me.


I heavily recommend Draconia instead.

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Yeah... I saw the first image that was clearly ripped from AVATAR. Only thing good about it was the sound. They got the guy who made the sounds for a game called Subnotica? And the other dragons they do have are all basic bought ones from a shop that sells assets? Even their "thank you" dragon for their loyal backers was a cheap store-bought asset flip dragon. 


I'll keep an eye on that other dragon game and hope it has a better future than Day of Dragons.

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Not only did they get the subnautica guy but they also got a small orchestra to do the intro. They spent the money on the WEIRDEST things.

I mean, you can't get a single original model to save your life but you can somehow get an orchestra to play an allegedly original composition.


I swear if this guy stopped spending so much on concept art and sound and actually spent it on stuff that matters the game would have actually had a chance at being even slightly good. Why did he need the Subnautica guy? Why did he need a composer? Why did he need a freaking orchestra? All of those things can't be cheap, especially an orchestra of like 20+ people and a composer on top of that. I honestly don't understand the mentality behind this choice, is he trying to be flashy without having to admit that he doesn't actually know how to make a game? What is he doing with an orchestra?! This is stranger than anything else about this project.


You should always be concerned when someone goes "I have a plan, first we're gonna need an orchestra..." because virtually any plan that begins with an orchestra is a plan born of immense hubris.




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That and Jao has lied plenty of times. The game's layout programming is also pieced together from store bought assets, except for four lines of code. He claims he worked in law enforcement and no one knows how true that is. He got a lawyer for reasons he won't say. There was an incident involving an underaged user who was being harassed by a predator.. the guy was found out and after being banned for a period of time was allowed back into the community. And he illegally locked out two people from playing his game. There is a program tied to two users that sense when they start up the game it force crashes them out on Steam. They are IGP and IcyCaress. They logged in on alt accounts and had no trouble logging in and starting up the game. 


Jao raged quit his own discord, only to change his username (but not his hashtag number ID) and pretend to be someone else who only spoke highly of Jao. Like a peacock admiring his own feathers. 


I'm not expert with law, but isn't it illegal to pretend to be someone else regarding something like this? Especially if he has a background with law enforcement? Wasn't sure if that filed under false identity or not.


vids with more info and source proof:








One last thing I forgot to mention. It's a real shame when people threaten to kill a person's dog just because they call out a bad practice for a game and give their honest opinion. People threatened to do harm to a dog that belongs to Anthomnia. It's horrible, revolting and inexcusable.



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5 hours ago, Syiren said:

People threatened to do harm to a dog that belongs to Anthomnia. It's horrible, revolting and inexcusable.


What's really sad about this is that Anthomnia was a big supporter of the game and he held on to hoping DoD would end up working out for a while. So, it's not like he came in hating on it, just things happened with Jao and IGP and IcyCaress and he just couldn't support it anymore. It's really terrible how toxic those people are when we just want questions answered about the game and how all that money is being spent.

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How pathetic must you be that you threaten an innocent dog to hurt a guy who said mean things about a game you like? Who the heck does this kind of nonsense?

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Yeah, and the devs and mods don't seem to hasty or intent on telling their fans and followers that behavior like that is wrong and unacceptable. Instead their behavior only seems to encourage it.

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