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Just started up on here, I play on a lot of other pet sites, most under the same name as here. Currently I mostly stick to flight rising and chicken smoothie, but I am also on furry-paws and a few horse breeding sims. I actually just accepted a job working with horses, and I start the end of this month. Pretty excited about it! I will be a few states over for a year for that. Horses have very quickly become a massive passion of mine, and this position will allow me to get all kinds of experience, from breeding/foaling, to nutrition, riding, driving carts/sleighs, etc. The breed I will be working with are friesans <3


Other than that, I draw, do a lot of outdoorsy things, I'm married with no kids, live on a farm (with plans to do horse-related career things), and in my times of not doing these things, I like collecting pixels on pet sites. SO here I am, hope to meet lots of cool people here!

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