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Hi :)

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I'm new here, of course.  I came across another member's dragon in the forums on Flight Rising and was curious.  I have been playing FR for just over a year, my sister started shortly after first began.  I guess you can say that I became an addict of breeding and hatching adorable dragons, and now here I am.  I am still trying to figure things out here with my adoptable.


On a more personal level, I am married with 4 children, youngests are twin teenage boys, and a granddaughter.  I have medical disabilities that leave me sick or in pain often.  I love movies and music of a wide range of genres.  I play Pokemon Go every weekend with my husband.  We just bought a house and will be doing a slow move over the next month and a half.  Oh, and I currently have 4 furbabies, 3 kitties and 1 pup, but husband says we can get 1 more kitty after we move.  My pup was to be my service dog until my granddaughter kept feeding her from her plate when we were trying to break her from begging.  Other than that she is amazing and follows me everywhere.  Hmmm, not sure what more to add just yet.

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