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2019-09-15 - Forum Guideline Updates

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I'm glad to hear that it's safe to discuss making Neglecteds.  I was always interested but afraid to get involved.  Maybe I'll be able to get one now.  :D

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On 9/16/2019 at 2:42 AM, pinkgothic said:

Thank you!


Much as it may only be a small thing, I really appreciate that the rules now say "Keep the discussion relevant", rather than using a non-standard definition of "spam", which the uninitiated may genuinely not understand. (In all other places I've been, "spam" refers exclusively to unsolicited advertisements and bot posts.)


And I'm delighted to see the change on posting one's own growing things :) Thank you!


Agree wholeheartedly.  

Keep the discussion relevant makes complete sense.  I never did understand the use of "spam" applied here.  I was afraid to post because of it and didn't understand the seemingly arbitrary "spam" warnings for people that just seemed to be making friendly conversation.  

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