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hiya i go by so many different names online idk what to call myself at this point. you can call me plague, nigiri, or ippycake. i'm 24 and obviously i really like dragons. i also love video games, some of my favorites being silent hill (1-3), dark souls, hamtaro ham-ham heartbreak and monster hunter. i also obsessively play the isle and beasts of bermuda and am very impatiently waiting for path of titans. i collect furby's and tamagotchi and vhs tapes. anyways ya i'm pretty open to talking n what not, have a great day!

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Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy!


I had experienced waiting of new games. It makes me very impatient XD  -especially the platform that I used had only been delayed.

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Hi @Nigiri!


Welcome to DC! ^_^ I like gaming as well. If you find you need assistance, you can always PM a mod or ask for a mentor (mentors are super helpful; I had one when I was new) here at The Mentoring Project:



Enjoy your time on DC! :nyan:




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