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Project: Prides and packs (open)

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Terra was about to say something in reply to what Swift said when Kubo came out and diffused the situation. She cringed slightly at the former’s response to what the cook had said and then was also surprised at how the latter reacted. She could only watch as he walked away, tempted somewhat to go over to his cottage to see if she could say or do something to possibly get him back in a better mood but at the same time wasn’t sure how to do those things. Her attention then went back to the newcomers just as Swift said and asked asked about there having to be a way out to Leif and could only sigh. “We’ve all tried one time or another. We’ve been here a bit longer and know that there’s no way out. If there’s a loophole somewhere we have yet to find it,” she said a bit sadly before turning her attention to the woods.

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Pride Camp


At the sound of the nanny braying, Aleiss pivoted back around. They hadn’t expected it to charge at them; they had expected it to be satisfied when they had turned and walked in the other direction. Clearly they didn’t know enough about goats. An overly-muscled redhead came out of nowhere and tackled the goat before Aleiss could move out of the way, then introduced herself. 


“Okay,” said Aleiss, struggling to process the surprise deluge of information. They would have been fine if they’d been prepared, but being given several pieces of information when they hadn’t been prepared for English and had still been thinking about how much they wanted to read the Wikipedia article on goats was too much. They’d missed the redhead’s name entirely, which was unfortunate because they didn’t want to ask and look like they hadn’t been paying attention. They didn’t even know how they were supposed to reply to the redhead, hence the ‘okay’. Normally the standard response would be to reply with their name, but they couldn’t do that if the redhead already knew it. Their whole script was thrown off and they felt as though they were floundering. 


“Uh, yes,” they said. “Food, I mean. Thank you.” Ugh, that wasn’t right, but the words were already out of their mouth. They were hungry, once they cared to notice. That made sense, since they hadn’t been given anything to eat the night before (to keep them from throwing up and drowning in their sleep, they assumed). 

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Pack | Anthony


"Do you even know what the definition of a loophole is?" Anthony had risen early, woken by his mother's nightmares. She'd fallen back asleep once her sweating stopped but he was restless by then. He chose to step outside, in time to see the white wolf--who'd been absent most of yesterday--take off again. He wanted to follow and see what he could learn; an unknown was dangerous.


The approach of a vehicle distracted him though and, instead, he lingered to watch humans drop off more shifters--more wolves. Hovering at the edge, he had examined the twins as Kubo and Terra came out. Even as a third newcomer arrived on foot rather than in a cage. 


He folded his arms across his chest when the twins switched between English and Spanish. Anthony could have intergected but he let the strangers and Kubo play out their brief drama; none of it was really his concern. 


When all of it seemed to be done, he had decided to speak up at Terra's egregious use of "loophole". "Last time I checked, loopholes are only possible if someone is exploiting a legal contract. Kidnapping, lying, running experiments on us without our consent, and then dumping us in the middle of an unknown jungle does not a legal contract make. This might come as a surprise to you, but I wouldn't place any bets on the belief the humans told you anything resembling the truth."


He frowned and, at the faint sound of footsteps, turned to see Veronica's approach.


"You know that isn't fair, Anthony. You understood what Terra meant. A lot of people are stressed and upset; slips happen." His mother patted his arm before focusing on the others. "Let's start again. This is Anthony, my son, and I'm Veronica. We were dumped here yesterday."


Her hand was cold.


Anthony glanced at her from the corner of his eye, studying her better. At first, he'd thought her wet hair was from showering off the grime of the day before. Now he reconsidered that.


Since he couldn't smell the emotions others gave off unless it was something intense, he'd learned to rely on body language and the sound of one's pulse, or heartbeat. He turned his attention back to the trio of newcomers; he wouldn't express his thoughts about his mother's fear. He wouldn't expose her to strangers.


"Greetings aside," he said, "we should decide on what to do. I have no plans to stay here and I'd like to know what the rest of you have already tried. The sooner we can come up with a plan, the sooner we can get home and back to our lives. There are eleven of us here. I don't believe in the idea that we can't find a way."



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桔梗  / Kikyo 

Pride Territory



Kikyo lets out a squeak as Diego pins her, although she knows quite well that her brother's approach is gentle, always. The noise is more for dramatic effect than anything, as Diego's brilliant energy is infectious. Even during the worst times of their shared childhood, he could always cheer her up with exaggerated words and playing around. Since they are alone, Kikyo feels quite secure in letting herself act silly, around Diego. 


"I can't beat the --" she begins, fully intending to return the challenge, but her eye catches on something in the distance from behind Diego's massive paw and she drops the act instantly, shocked at being suddenly so revealed.


"Cyon-sama!" she says, without thinking, rolling from under Diego's paw -- he applies no pressure -- without hearing her brother's next words, too surprised at realising they had been watching. "Have you come to hunt too --"


As she speaks, Kikyo swings her head around, intending to gesture to the large plains to invite Tenebris to join them, but as she sweeps her gaze across the field Kikyo catches sight of a bright white pelt among the grass, and she drags her words out, her brain suddenly stopping function altogether.




Not only Tenebris was here, but Deric too? Had they both witnessed Diego and her silly bout of playfighting?




mælir / Leif

Pack Territory



"Well," Leif says, stunned into silence at Kubo's words, "my roommate, ladies and gentlemen. Hope he's doing alright." 


Turning back to the scene, he hums to himself. So perhaps his beginning introduction hadn't gone as smoothly as he'd hoped -- from Swift's brash manner to Kubo's harsh outburst, but that didn't surprise or even deter Leif. He has spent too long among all types of personalities to understand that not everyone could be made into a friend, and, if one didn't wish to be bothered, he wouldn't annoy them further. 


He chuckles in response to Swift's words, and Terra's explanation -- so it seemed they weren't very close to finding a way out, and neither is Leif; he'd just gotten here, after all! If the project is still just beginning, then he has caught them at just the right time. Feeling adrenaline surge through his veins, he can't help but tilt his head back and smile at the sky, relaxed. It would undoubtedly be a long, harsh journey, but there was no fun in living if there wasn't at least some kind of risk of death or imprisonment. It's gotten him this far, after all.


Just then, two others come up to join them; a red-haired woman accompanied by a younger boy, who speaks in harsh tones smoothed by his companion's -- as he finds out a second later, mom's -- gentle mien. 


"Excellent energy," he compliments to Anthony, quirking up. "But let's not run the introductions too quickly. Leif Madsen, at your service." A quick dip of the head, a soft bow. "I've spent my career among shifters, but you're all so interesting." He feels for the make of his vape in his pocket once more, the object comforting him. "What do you suggest, Commander?" Turning to Anthony, with an interest. 

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Between the lands


Deric was actually more concerned with trying to blend in with the sand then the play fight. He did glance that way when he heard her squeak but was more watching the big cat then her. However when she called out the name of the black cat yesterday he stopped squirming and froze in place eyes locked on her to see where she was looking. He didn't like that one. They spoke in such large words it confused and frustrated him. It was English but for all he knew it could be German thown in. 


Then her eyes swept his way and she too froze in place. 'Deric-kun?' He stood up slowly flowers in his mouth still not liking how her body language went from open and playful to guarded and shy. 


Pale blue eyes flicked from her to the big beast next to her and back. He slowly walked forward, a few steps while looking at the lion then stopping to look at her for some sort of reassurance that the big creature would not attack him. 


Making it within a few feet of them, tense and ready to spring away, he dropped the flowers and nudged the wrapped bouquet twords her slightly, ears flat and eyes on the large cat's paws. This thing was definitely not a house cat. The wolf barely breathed, wanting to shift to draw and 'speak' to Kikyo however his human body is slower, softer, weaker and for a good minute he'd be vulnerable to attacks as he shifted. He's been in that in-between before and he didn't want to experience that pain again. 



Val  unlike Deric had the forethought to roll in dust before heading in the plains. Fur a red-bown now, it was the perfect camo. He spotted his friend a few miles away, he bright white gleam not so hard to miss. So, he went around in a large circle to see what has made the wolf stop. Hmm, a lion and a serval shifter okay. He supposed the lion made Deric nervous, never seen such a thing before... And assumed that Deric thought the little one was some tall house cat (in which he assumes correctly). 


Continuing with his wife circle our of sight and smelling range, black fur made him stop. He sniffed. Half breed. No. Cross breed. Fascinating. However the vibe this one gave off was like one who has seen too much BS on the streets and only cares for themselves. A toothy grin spread across his lips. Just like him. Whomever they where, he hoped they liked guys cuz Val didn't care about gender himself. Just gotta get a little closer.... 





Ella giggled as she went into her cabin for a moment and came back out with bread, cheese and milk. She  held out bread with a glass of goat milk and a small bit of goat cheese to spread on the bread. "Chetalla. However you can call me Ella. Like Ella enchanted. Now, first thing first. We have a member here who prefers they/them pronouns so please respect their wishes. If you have any pronouns you prefer please let me know and I'll tell the others. I am Queen of the pride, my brother Sam is King. We have been here for two years so if you have any questions please ask us, or any requests or requirements we'll pass those on to the scientists. The researchers trust us for we where born and raised in their facility and known nothing else. I'll take any questions now, and I'll inform you about the answers if I am able to. Somethings I don't know about my brother may know. " She said spreading cheese on her slice of bread and ate it. She had sat down at a picnic table, enjoying the low light of the morning and the cool air. 


((Will post pack tomorrow in separate post. I'll let a few others respond to Swift. ))

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Swift | Mark

The twins looked at Terra as she spoke, addressing Swift’s remark that there must be a way out. 

“We’ve all tried one time or another. We’ve been here a bit longer and know that there’s no way out. If there’s a loophole somewhere we have yet to find it.”

Swift wanted to say Well then look some more but knew that the statement would just increase the tension and stayed silent. She bristled slightly, offended at Lief’s chuckling at her words and turned to Mark, ignoring the red haired shifter. “I’m going for a run.” She usually did whenever she was upset or needed space to think. Her twin nodded. “Okay. I’ll go see if I can find Kubo and talk to him.” “Okay. And remember...” They continued the phrase at the same time. “Be polite, don’t fight with people and be as inoffensive as you can.” Swift said it with a not-so-subtle edge of sarcasm. She felt slightly empathetic towards the spotted dog shifter but thought he could have been nicer about telling them to not get anyone’s hopes up. “I’ll find you after I talk to him,” Mark said. “Don’t go too far.” 


“Don’t try to escape without me?”

“Yeah.” She turned away, shifted in the blink of an eye and was gone before he could tell her to be careful. 



Mark headed towards where he had seen Kubo walking after his largely negative outburst about not seeing Alex (or any loved ones for that matter) ever again. “Hello?” he called as he approached the hut. “Kubo? Can we talk?”

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Kubo opened the door, his hair reached his knees with it unbraided and he would be mistaken as a girl if it wasn't for his toned body. He was partially undressed, a tattoo of the eye of Horus on his left pectoral another of a Swahili saying on his hip, a belly button peircing and a couple nipple rings flashed. He still didn't look to happy. "What? " He barked leaning against the frame. "If you come to apologise for your sister, don't bother. I was an elder of my pack. A leader, a father to others like my pack was for me. A big nomadic family. I was so close to having a mate, seeing my three adopted pups being accepted into our pack- today of all days was when they would receive the mark. You don't think I've tried every which way to get out? Digging, running, fighting. All I got was a few gunshot wounds, tranq darts and a shock so bad I passed out and woke up back here with a dumb white wolf and a ex-gang member for company. But if you both think you're so special and can get out be my guest. Just don't come crying to me when you get hurt or one of you ends up shot and killed. Nobody leaves here. Now let me shower in peace!" He snarled and slammed the door heading back to the bathroom and locking that door before getting in the shower. 

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