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Cowabunga, dudes!

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Hey there, guys.

I'm LittleBodyBigHeart, and I luv dragons ^^

I have started on this site from 2013, but I forgot my first nickname and password. So I decided to make a new account and collecting dragons again. 

Nice to join ya! I don't mind to chatting and make new friends here.

About me: I'm Spanish, I'm artist, my favourite food is waffles. I also like TV series "Rizzoli and Isles" and "Bones". And yeah, I used to dream to fly a dragon when I was child//


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Sup Spanish Artist, LittleBodyBigHeart,


I don't love dragons. I mean I don't hate them either. I also dislike Pokemon, don't understand collection type games, and only joined this game because I didn't really understand millennials and thought it would be good for market research in 2011. But I still play cuz I like THIS place. We got lots of art threads if you want to share your art or art with other artists here. If you want to sprite stuff, we have a whole place for that, especially if you want to one day do DC type stuff too. We also have monthly raffles for Prizes instead of annual now, and we have a lot of Player Run Raffles that run very regularly for very nice to very rare to all sorts of in between dragons of all themes and such. And there have always been fun and games on the forums, but now instead of the IRC's (I miss IRC, I loved IRC... that is all I did when I started the internets was email and IRC cuz pictures were scary to me) and we have Discords and things.


And we have lots more dragons and all kinds of dragons and all the Breeding and Pretty Lines and you can catch all the CB Holidays you missed now on those Holidays and more. So like, while you missed out on stuff, you will not miss out on it for long and have come back to lots of fun & lots of stuff to easily grab and have fun whatever that fun is for you. Don't be afraid to poke around and try stuff! People are really nice. And everyone is from all the ages and all fandoms and likes all the things, and everyone wants to help you and give you stuffs, it is almost too nice.... don't be afraid to accept people being nice, it really makes them happy. If anything, you are doing them a favor cuz you make them feel happy.



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I'm here again 😆

I'm trying to learn this forum and figure how does it works. I think, I got it))


Hmm... I'm going to be going to draw dragons and post it here. Maybe it will be OK, and my art will be sucсessfully. But I'm so lazy and I haven't enough time to draw 24/7 cause I must to doing other things. And I always feel tired, I don't really know why.

But thank u, you just have given me good idea, I'll try to do for my free time. I usually draw heraldic/cute baby dragons or people who is flying on the dragons. I hope community like it ~

I also have a lot of literature about dragons, by the way one of that books wrote Russian language, but it's to hard for read and understand it, so I often watch pictures in this book, they're so well. I try to read stories and myths from that book, I just use translator to do it.

Sometimes I check other people's scrolls and find amazing and wonderful dragons there. When I see it, I remember my first account, it was really lot dragons there, I lost to much :"D

I'm not interesting in dragon's breeding, I just want to find and collect eggs and raising it. At this weekends I found rare (?) dark green egg, so I must to help it to grow!


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Welcome back! Have fun!


Another user from 2013 here! Kinda have similar goal with me in DC, I actually prefer collecting then making lineage.

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