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hello there..

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hi, i'm fir.

i've been a member of dragon cave for a while, but never got around to joining the forums.

i know my way around here like, 25% but i know the basics.

i really don't know what else to put here but..


i'm introverted and shy when i'm new and stuff, but the more i post the more confident i become, so sorry if i seem unfriendly at first!

i like a variety of music, i listen to mostly everything but my favorite bands/composers are Set it Off, Cavetown and David Archuleta.

i also enjoy musicals, like Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Mean Girls and Hadestown.

i also have the autograph of a lesser-known musician, Hughie Stonefish. (i'm cool like that)

anyway, i hope i can become more accustomed to the forum and you guys that use it!


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Hello and welcome, let us know if you have any questions!

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Hi @firsplash!


Welcome to DC! ^_^  I know you said you know some about DC, maybe 25%. When I was new, I had a mentor who greatly helped me in learning the game.


If you find you need assistance, a mentor is an awesome resource to answer all sorts of your questions.


If you'd like one, you can ask for a mentor here:



Enjoy DC! :nyan:

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