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After the End

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A pale fog filled the space where a universe used to be. The universe was still there, but all the matter had dissolved, the energy had dissipated. The Heat Death of the Universe wasn't what so many species had expected, but it might as well be. But there was something, outside of what could be seen or known, that stirred.

It looked out at the present from behind forgotten eons and lost futures, and reality itself swirled and condensed. No Big Bang was needed to restart the universe itself. A god was using the unfocused raw material to create a new one itself.

The coldly warm glow of dust was condensed and a star was born. A few planets came next. More and more of the same. It got boring very quickly for the eternal. Life was made on a world chosen at random. The god focused its attention, and its perception might as well be akin to a microscope.

A life form was tortured, but not allowed to die. It adapted and grew stronger, smarter, more nervous, more easily frightened, and braver. It became smarter than everything else on its world, but also slower and weaker. 

The species split into various traveling groups and eventually settled in each place. Then they met one another again and fought and killed each other. Some of the tribes joined together for protection, and the biggest of them all began to impose their social standards on the others.
The god unfocused itself, and it ran into a problem for the first time. The animals had noticed the god's presence somehow at some point, but the different tribes all had different ideas of what it was. The god was not one god. There were many versions of itself, and it could not reform.

Its movement was restricted. Its mannerisms controlled! The tiny minds of the beings it had played with were now in control of the god. But it noticed that if it didn't fight back, then they wouldn't either, and they could be controlled again, to a degree. The god could only have freedom to a degree too.

One family, that had taken control of the primary accumulated tribe, called itself an Empire. And thus began the new age of civilization.

---one thousand years later--- 

Emperor Marcus Augustus II, last of the House of Ulgard, lies dying without an heir. The many nations of the restive Vesperian Empire wait for his final breath. This is where you come in. 

You are a nation of the Vesperian Empire. Your people might be human, non-human or a melting pot. You might have been brought into the Empire by force, or have joined willingly to claim a share in the spoils. None of that matters now. The imperial throne is vacant and you have a once-in-a-millennia chance to pick a side. Or put up your own candidate for the job. The choice is yours. 

The lore has so far been left intentionally vague so that your imagination can run wild. All that we ask is that your nation is original and fits a medieval fantasy theme. Ditto with your god. Otherwise, go nuts.



How the game will work:

Your character sheet should have a nation, which is part of a greater nation (kind of how England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are all British) and your sheet should also have a god (the god of the state religion in someone else's nation). This is so neither nations nor gods can become too powerful or curb-stomp newer or less military-oriented characters.

Once your character sheet is approved, post something. Each turn you will get two actions -- one for your god, one for your nation. Three sentences minimum each action. Actions are 'a single thought' so that could be a nation attempting to develop or institute something, or a god manipulating its sect popularity, performing a realistic miracle (realistic for that god), or just about anything else. You are also allowed and encouraged to write character interactions outside your formal actions! 

Nations control their own government, military, and society -- which might mean the creation of religious sects.The possibilities are endless, but some typical nation actions could be:

-Research a new technology
-Invade a rival nation
-Implant a spy in another nation
-Bribe the Imperial Bureaucracy 
-Manage a trade route
-Mess with the taxation rate of one of your industries

Gods meanwhile control which sect is the most popular, so a peaceful god can become a warrior if a warrior sect becomes more popular than their passive one/s, for example. Gods also control their faithful, but zealots especially. Gods can also perform miracles but the level of power they have is tied in with the amount of worshipers they have, and varying sects with different beliefs could alter how powerful different types of miracle could be. Typical god actions might include:

-Create a magical artifact for mortals 
-Bless an army going into battle
-Create a natural law
-Create a new race or sub-race
-Instigate a nation or industry with religious pressure
-Increase/decrease a sect's popularity

And so on. At the end of a turn, all actions will be rolled for by the GM, and actions involving rival players or NPCs may involve defensive rolls from their side. The more ambitious the idea, the harder the roll will be.

It's mostly roleplay. We want to keep it medieval or early colonial, but even with magic and miracles, there are equivalences. You can't have an entire army of mages casting fireball because it's the same thing as a squadron of riflemen with guns that don't explode 60% of the time in the sniper's face. That's too high of tech. Dark age, medieval, early colonial. That's it. 

At the end of the turn, the other GM JoJo will post the results of your actions for that round. I'm a GM too, but since I'm also one of the 'center stage' players, I won't be using my GM powers besides character approval and arbitration. In-game rules and success/failure of nation/god behaviors are entirely in JoJo's hands since he will be taking an impartial position, only responsible for the Imperial Bureaucracy and other NPCs.

Please find nation and god templates below, or feel free to create your own if you'd prefer a different format:


God template

God name:







Nation template

Nation name:

Head of State:







This RP takes place on another site as its main. I created it here as well because the other site has some issues, and some players can't get their accounts recovered.

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God template

God name: Seland

Domain: Magic, Marriage, Virginity

Appearance: 80ckyLp.jpg

Personality: She stands for the dignity of marriage, the power and education of magic, and the preservation of innocence. 


Worshippers: Elves, magicians, those seeking marriage and virgins

Nation template

Nation name: Areman

Head of State: The Queen

Race(s): Elves (Ljosolfar? and Humans)

Territory: Rolling hills, grasslands, forests and mountains

Culture: A mixture of Elven and Human.

History: Need to look for it on-site.


This is a work in progress, I need to find my descriptions on the website. 

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OOC Accepted. But then again, you already were on Giant in the Playground. Too bad you couldn't recover that account (yet?). I'll transfer over there whatever you do here. Also more players can join if they want!

You play as an entire country, and as the god of someone else's country. The reason I set it up that way is so Nations can't go all war-heavy and focus really heavily on warfare and make opposing them impossible, because the religious people could cause a civil war at any time. Also Religions can't overthrow a Nation, because they'd just have a genocide thrown at them.

You have two characters with nothing to do with each other, in the same game, and each character has different rules it goes by. That make sense? You can ask questions here or on my Discord found here: https://discord.gg/PV5StwN

Edited by Viirin

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Alright, this thread is good to go, has been moved to the appropriate section, and my critique posts have been cleared away. ^^ Happy writing!

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The Character Sheet I originally hid has now been unhidden as well. Have fun!

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Arumen begins to invest large scale funding into alchemy, for the purposes of smelting. 



Meanwhile, Selan begins to bother any of the contenders for the throne through visions and dreams. Promising heirs for their children if they fight and rule for the good of the people, rather than selfish dreams. 

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OOC What kind of smelting? Is it just ore smelting, which is related to blacksmithing, or smelting sand for glassworking, or what kind of smelting exactly?


Selan is a god, and whoever the leader is shouldn't make any difference since they can't benefit from politics.

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