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Hey It's That One System

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We're on a lot of petsites so some of you may know us from PF, FR, CS, etc. We're Team Anomaly, formerly Team Oddity, and we are multiple people sharing the same physical body. We have an about here with a list of members included. As we usually do in forums we will sign off with who's fronting unless the fronter wants to remain anonymous or can't tell who's fronting for whatever reason. Not sure if there are any other systems that play Dragon Cave actively, we know of a handful on other petsites but haven't seen as many mention being on here, so I guess if you have any questions feel free to ask. 


I should make this clear though since sometimes this comes up especially with sites that have one account policies, we do have the same physical body and are legally the same person. 


Not much else to say haha, I don't want this intro to get too long. We looked at this site briefly back in 2013? I think? But only actually made an account a year ago and we've become a little more active as of late, so I figured I'd post in the forums. 



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Hello and welcome to you all! I hope you enjoy the forums!

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