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hi guys i am rosywindfox i enjoy playing animal jam, mweor, furry paws and dragcave.

I have been obsessed with dragons for quite some time now and was excited when i found this game! 

I have already tried 2 times to do an introduce yourself with all apropriate content, and nothing too personal.

Im a little frustrated that people dont take the time to review these. (it has been 2-3 months since i posted my first 2)

I love pets at home i have 2 lizards, 2 cats, 4 snails, a black cosair beetle, a praying mantis egg case and my brother has a dog.


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Your introductions were reviewed - this is the first one that has followed the introduction guidelines. Please be sure to read the rules for each section before posting, and enjoy the forum!


(I have lizards too!)

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