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Show Dragon Name/Gender on "Describe" Page

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Currently, when you describe a dragon, all you see is the dragon sprite, a warning about/link to the Description Guidelines, and the description box.

I propose adding the dragon's name (or, if unnamed, the code in parentheses) and gender (M/--/F). This could be centered under the sprite, or amended to the "DESCRIBE" header (so it would read "DESCRIBE - NAME (gender)").

This could be done in conjunction with another, similar request already in existence to add the breed description to the "describe" page, or on its own (though doing the both together would probably be about the same effort-wise as doing one or the other).

I say this after (yet again) accidentally describing a dragon as the wrong gender because I wasn't paying enough attention. Apologies if this is too much like a repeat of the 'add breed description' topic.

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This would be great for me as well! When I'm describing my dragons, I usually have two tabs open, one with the describe action page and the other with the main dragon info page. This is just so I can see the dragon's name and gender. It's weird how on other action pages the name is visible somewhere. For instance, look at the difference between the Breed action page (name is highlighted) and the Describe action page.


Here's a suggestion that might not be too hard to implement since it's already on the site. The Review User Descriptions page has all the information one would need on a dragon: name, gender, age, breed description, and the general dragon description. So, rather than having the approval buttons at the bottom, we could have the regular text box for the description. This is a mockup of what I think the new Describe action page could look like.

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