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Weekly Breed Discussion

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If you love it, share your stories here! :D


Welcome! This is a thread that started with an inspiration to appreciate older breeds, which turned into a discussion thread for a specific chosen breed each week!

The chosen breed will be selected at random from a list of previous breeds (starting from all dragons before January of 2019), and, well, talk anything about it! It could be just by saying how you like the sprite, an interesting fact from the breed or Encyclopedia points, lineage plans you made with it, etc. Just keep in mind to stay positive and adhere to the Forum rules!


Link to previous discussions and list of unselected breeds: Click here!


If there are any suggestions for this thread, do let me know! I hope this is a good idea ^^

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I think I can start choosing a breed today, or I can start it tomorrow. Nevertheless, I'm open for feedback to see if this works :)

What do you all think?

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