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Hi All.

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So uh, I joined DC way back in 2009, when Aria dragons were Pink dragons. I played a bit then thought of "OMG I might kill these little digital-semi-reptiles if I don't take care of them" really freaked me out and stopped playing. I recently picked this game up again, and now my old dragons have 10 years younger siblings. Heh.

She/her, it, they/them is fine. My scroll name/forum name is Leontious (was my favorite character), but you can call me Ji or Maya. Uhh what else do I write here? I'm a native Korean speaker but spent half of my life in the USA and Germany. My primary language is a mixed ball of Southern American English, Korean and German. So if you ever don't understand what I'm saying, then RIP. 

I worked as a kindergartener / English teacher / Theme park staff, so I guess that says I like people? Even though I'm suuuuper introvert. Atm I'm not employed but I do read tarot/runes/ogham for time to time.

What else? Oh yes, my main interest in DC right now is collecting each, if not a pair, of dragon breeds. I'm not really that interested in codes and lineages... yet. Oh and I still haven't figured out how to change profile pic.

Cool. Ok bye

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Hello and welcome to the forum :) You should be able to change your profile information now.

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