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Egg (and other) Symbols for Trading Hub

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Sometimes, writing out your full wishlist of breeds in the trading hub can be, well, too much since we have a rather strict character limit in our want field. So, I'd like to suggest that we have the option to include pygmy-sized eggs for every breed at the cost of one character. Most of them are really easy to distinguish - I actually created a PNG file with all eggs up to Siyats a while back - but just in case (of color-blindness, bad eyesight in general or you can't easily tell the Dark Lumina and Avatar of Destruction apart), there could also be a label that writes out the breed when you put your mouse pointer on the egg in question.


I'd also like to see symbols for some where common lineage types. I mean, CB and PB are pretty much common abbreviations by now - but some others, not so much. How about a miniature checkerboard (2x2 tiles) image.png.3b8f91fa42071a933f56f7e2158d3596.png  for checker lineages, a stairstep-shaped angular line image.png.b18012302a227573124b17fb67f6c09a.png for stairstep lineages and a simple spiral design   for spiral staircase lineages?


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