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Gift Exchange [OPEN!]

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Grats, everyone! Whoo, thanks also bonvoyage for the lovely gift, and Aqub for hosting!


Also, you're welcome, Kigyptnee! First egg from the pair, and I like how blue the lineage is :D

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11 hours ago, Solaries said:

Thanks to @Terces for my gift & anon for my bonus gift! Both will be loved! 😊


You're welcome! :D

Thanks to purplehaze and osean for my prizes!

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Hey, @ComatosedRoses I'm so sorry, I think I made a mistake and no one ended up being drawn for that gift. :blush: Maybe you could find someone who wants it here or at the DC community notice board? ^_^


(The post says osean got it, but osean's bonus gift was from Solaries... aaa what was going on in my head yesterday!)

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Hey everyone! In the spirit of celebrating Halloween way too early, today's round of gift exchange is going to have a theme! This time, donate some gifts from your favorite Halloween lineages, your favorite spooky dragons, or maybe just something so cool it's scary? ^_^ I hope everyone enjoys this special round of Gift Exchange! 🎃


While I have your attention, here are a few more announcements:

Next week, Gift Exchange will be starting on Tuesday (October 1st) rather than Wednesday.

Gift Exchange will not be held on October 23 & 30 since everyone will likely be busy with the DC Halloween event. 





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Here are the results! Thank you everyone for participating in this themed round! Would you want to see more themes in the future? ^_^


@Kastriia won ComatosedRoses' gift and rihannalexis' bonus!

@osean won bonvoyage's gift and a bonus!

@Wolves-and-Wings won purplehaze's gift and ComatosedRoses' bonus!

@rihannalexis won Seriva Senkalora's gift and a bonus!

@Sunrunner won Kastriia's gift and a bonus!

@Dirtytabs won osean's gift and a bonus!

@purplehaze won Sunrunner's gift and bonvoyage's bonus!

@Seriva Senkalora won BlueLatios' gift and ComatosedRoses' bonus!

@bonvoyage won Wolves-and-Wings' gift and a bonus!

@ComatosedRoses won rihannalexis' gift and a bonus!

@BlueLatios won Dirtytabs' gift and a bonus!

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Sweet! Gotta make room... Thanks, osean. What a beaut.


Themes are nice! I wouldn't mind seeing more. :)

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Thanks @Dirtytabs for the unique stairstep! Now this gave me an inspiration on what to prepare for the next round of bingo... after I complete assignments, of course ^^'

And also, thanks Aqub as well for hosting :D

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