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I used to be a pretty active poster in 2011-2012, and a beginner sprite artist here! I do cool art for video game companies now and sell commissions as my job, all thanks to DragCave being my introduction to art, teaching me how lighting works (and how to sprite), and for being such a supportive environment when I was just a wee babie (I was like... 11 at the time lol). 


I wanted to come back and see how things are here! The new sprites are absolutely effin gorgeous. I kind of want to try to make one myself again! Maybe reboot my old old old old 2011 bad dragon species idea, lol.

510404882_pixladjusted.png.c5151a618030145cc2856be5b92d04e6.png 519793065_babsprite.png.da0302ed98eff1a7b66a09e901b2df6f.png

I still sprite sometimes, just to make sure I haven't totally forgotten how! After all, spriting is how I got my start :3 

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Welcome back! It's always nice to see old users return :D And I like the artwork!

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