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Heya ^^

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I’m sort of used to these browser based clickers but, uh hello?


I feel awkward saying th i s -


But uh, I have a dragon so, u h m

~eggspam removed~

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Hello and welcome! We're not allowed to include links to our scrolls or growing dragons in our posts, it's considered spam, but you can add a link to your signature if you want us to view your dragons!



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Welcome hun! ^_^


Here is how you hatch an egg. Go to a click site (examples include The Allure of Neglected Dragons, Valley Sherwood, and Silvi's Lair). Once an egg is one day old (has about 6 days left or close to 5 if you use incubate), add it to a click site by putting in the name of your scroll.


If you have an egg that's over 4 days old (they can hatch at 4 days), you can add it to the ER. Having more than one site is good for backup if one site is down or if you catch an egg that's low time and you want to hatch it quicker.


You can name your dragons and hatchlings as well as breed them. You can try to collect every breed, have an army of frozen hatchlings, create lineages, collect odd codes or codes that start with a letter (z codes are very popular), or have a scroll that's 90% your favorite dragon breed (called a hoard or army).  Building lineages is a popular activity with patterns like checkers (2 breeds evenly bred together making a pyramid shape), stairstep (a lineage of a breed of all the same gender and caveborn/CB mate each generation. can be all one breed), spiral (the same as a stairstep, only the main breed alternates gender), and purebred (like a checker, only one breed). You can share art or crafty creations, work on a possible new dragon to submit, sign up for a group project, gift and ask to be put on gift lists in the various gifting threads, chat, or goof around in the general discussion which also includes an RP group.


Really, you get to choose how you want to play and spend your time here. Everybody is very friendly and happy to help. Don't feel weird or awkward asking questions or making mistakes. We've all been there. Remember that mistakes and failures are not the opposite of success, it's part of it. You can't succeed and master something without goofing up. Same thing goes for life.

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