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Hi from a returner ;)

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Hi all o/


I'm Aya and I started playing again sometime before Halloween last year after a looooong break.


I used to play DC about 9 or 10 years ago, then quit "because reasons" (lol really, I have no idea why haha). Now I'm back for more, and although I had to start over and "lost" all my old dragons (because I can't remember my old login data for the life of me), I'm enjoying it a lot and have become a big fan again. I was quite surprised that the cave is still there after all the years and I'm very happy to see it's still going strong with lots of new dragons and even new features ❤️

My goals are to "catch 'em all" and have at least one CB pair of all the dragons where it's possible, and breed for alts and hybrids as well as nice lineages of the dragons I like most. That should keep me occupied for a long long time 😅😁

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