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So... Hi there!

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I've been a member of dragon cave for *actual* ages, but I finally decided to make a forum acct. 


Names Jesse, though I usually go by Peyelle on the internet! I've been tottering around since about the start of april and decided i should probably make a forum account. 
I'm totally digging all the new dragons (especially all these pygmies i've missed! 👀) And I figured that doing breeding and trades and code seeking would probably be a *lot* easier if people could communicate with me. and i could communicate with them :'D (also maybe i can find out what all the rage is with some of the weirder lineages/dragons i've seen)

(also, i'm a GIANT splatoon 2 dork. If any of ya'll play, hit me with a PM and i can add you!)


honestly i'm pretty tired, but i look forward to Mostly lurking around here 

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