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Sorry for being random, but I was curious if there was a thread where people shared their dragon cave themed arts and crafts and/or asked for help and if not, where I should post asking about it? Things like sewing patterns (like plush, hat, embroidery, or crossstitch), 3D printing templates, jewelry inspired by DC, and so on.


The reason I'm asking is I'm making dice pouches with a friend as gifts for our other friends who play D&D as well as two for ourselves for practice (travel jewelry pouch if anybody is curious). We've all also played Dragon Cave, so I thought it would be a lot of fun to add a dragon to each. Most likely just the head (either on the end of the drawstrings or on the bags themselves) and/or wings.


Tldr: Where would I ask for help with a pattern on a crafts project with a minor DC theme?

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6 minutes ago, Fuzzbucket said:

Somewhere under here ?




Be careful using cave art; you need the artist's permission: 



That might work. It seems to be right from first glance.


Huh. I knew the rules of not profiting off someone's art, copying, posting without permission, or doing anything with spriter alts, but I honestly had no clue that a personal creation made for fun with no profit or interaction with an online sources would be an issue. I just assumed it was basically fanart ya know? It might mean I have to try something else. It's not like I'm a great seamstress anyway and what I make might very well offend the artist due to terrible quality XD

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