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Prize & Prizekin Swapping

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Topic approved by Kaini


I believe that, with the influx of CB prizes entering gameplay every month, a place is needed where only prizeswaps and prizekin swaps can be offered. That means both the "Have" and the "Want" is a prize or prizekin dragon. If you are seeking anything other than prizes or prizekins, then please check out PRIZE CENTRAL instead.


The focus of this thread is to provide prize & prizekin owners (CB and otherwise) a place to swap for other prizes and prizekin dragons in order to find missing breeding mates or otherwise continue their lineage projects.


Forum users can post a complete list of their prize & prizekin needs in one place and make it easier to swap their own prize/prizekin offspring to complete those goals in a more efficient manner. At the moment, there is no one thread where people can hunt for both prizes & prizekin they need, with the exception of scouring through the broad-based Dragon Trading Thread for relevant posts. I hope to fulfill that unique niche with this thread.


If there is not enough interest in using this thread, I imagine it will fall off the grid on its own - but do hope that everybody with a need to swap their prizes & prizekin for other prizes & prizekin will make good use of this thread for those purposes.



  • NO IOU'S ALLOWED as per Dragon Cave Trading Subforum rules. Set up IOUs at your own risk and do not offer or accept them on this thread. 
  • You can offer any generation or lineage style Prize OR Prizekin egg or hatchling here, but only in exchange for other Prize or Prizekin eggs/hatchlings.
  • You CANNOT bundle non-Prize or Prizekin dragons in your HAVES (aka your dragons for trade) or your WANTS (aka what you want for them).
  • You are allowed to repost a trade, or "bump" up your post, every 24 hours.
  • Make sure you only use /lineage/ links & not /view/ links in order to abide by Forum rules.


Rules & explanation will be modified if the need arises :) 


Happy swapping!


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