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KyaniteKirin, that's me!

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My handle is KyaniteKirin, but that's a mouth full so please feel free to call me Kyanite, Kyan, Ky or Kirin... Many nicknames to choose from :) I personally prefer Kyan or Ky, but don't stress.

I joined Dragon Cave a while ago, probably around 2014? I'm not entirely sure because I lost access to that account (forgot name and password) but I understood the basics of how it all worked back then. I came back and created a new account because 1st off, new ign (my old one was stupid... I disliked it a lot) and 2nd, I realize now that I don't need to rely on forums to get views/clicks for my eggs (there are hatcheries!! Awesome!!)

I really adore dragons in general (I even have a blue feathered dragon tattoo on my leg, it's about 8 inches tall, 5 inches wide, I can't say those measurements are accurate but shouldn't be too far off) so this game always caught my attention. Saw recent ads about it on Facebook, remembered how it worked, did some Googling and realized I didn't require forums to keep my dragons alive so I jumped right back in. I'm not very active on any other forums so for me, that was the biggest turn off back when I was younger (I didn't know about hatcheries... at all).

More about me? I'm heading to University in September (RIP), I enjoy playing video games and my favourite colour is blue.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask :)

I'm looking forward to getting more involved with the community, if I have the time, so if you wanna interact with me, get in touch :) I don't bite.

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Welcome to DC forum! Enjoy!


I know someone who call herself as Ky, well, she is not active in this time though...

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