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Any enthusiasts? Do you enjoy flying as a passenger? Do you fly as PIC? Any CFIs or commercial pilots here? 


Tell me about your experiences! If you’re a pilot, how many hours do you have? What are your goals? 


Afraid of flying? Love flying? Why? 



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I took gen aviation in college and passed with a B, allowing me to use this as 'ground school', but I couldn't afford the cost of obtaining a pilot's license.  I am not afraid of flying and went up in a Tomahawk for a 1/2 hour flight.  That was thrilling, especially the effects of flying over open grassland in the Summer with the thermals...  I also won a free flight at a county fair and was able to go up for about 3/4 of an hour from Gillespie Field, over the old Charger Stadium and La Jolla Shores then landing at Lindberg...  After a coffee at the Windsock, we took off again and flew back to Gillespie.  I really wished that I could fly on my own.


I went up in a very small plane to do a tandem parachute jump earlier this year, but the cabin was so small, that my instructor and I couldn't get hooked up properly.  I'm 72 and my knees don't bend enough while kneeling for the hook-up.  We were up about 10,500 and I didn't feel nervous at all, just very disappointed that it didn't happen.


My first flight was in a DC-4 airliner as a solo child abt 5/6 years old and when they started the engines, it scared the crap out of me!  lol  Later on, I was allowed up in the cockpit and sitting on the (what I now know was) the co-pilots lap.  I screwed up tho,  There was a sort of dash or tray between the pilots and I reached up and it was a cup of hot coffee that I spilled on the pilot's lap...  I don't remember what happened next, but as the pilot was flying, I imagine that the plane jerked a bit and I was put back n my seat...  I like to tell people that I am the reason that kids aren't allowed in the cockpit while in the air...  lol  I flew down to the States from Canada on a TWA Constellation a year or two later.

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Been through ground school. I’ve had to take two jobs to put myself through flight school. Oh my gosh, is it expensive. How long ago did you want to go into flight school? It sadly took me longer than normal to solo because I wasn’t flying as often in the beginning. I’ve been making enough this year to fly once to twice a week. I’m waiting until I cross-country to take my written test.


I’ve only flown over a grass-field once when I was 18 in a tail wheel. It was some fun, I’ll tell ya that. That’s pretty awesome. I imagine the stadium looked amazing from the air. 

Im just flying by myself. It’s wonderful. Flying at all is absolutely amazing. I wouldn’t ever trade it for anything else. 


Tendem parachute? That sounds awesome. Hahaha. Bet she floated off the airstrip though. I’ve been flying a diamond da20. That girl floats like no one’s business. You have to dip her tail with full power out to get a nice landing. 

Sad you didn’t get to jump though.  Will you get another chance? 


Aww. Haha. I imagine the poor pilot was surprised and possibly somewhat amused after the fact. I’ve never had that opportunity. Maybe because you got there first! Hopefully, one day I’ll be working up there. That’s the ultimate goal. Or maybe I can settle as a corporate pilot. We’ll see!! I don’t remember what my first airliner was. We were always flying. My earliest memory was as a younger kid. I was probably around 5. My sister and I were apparently very well behaved children from what I’ve heard. We were so well behaved that the stewardesses gave us some free toys and doted on us. And then one of the pilots came back and gave us some little aviator pins. I remember being very happy with that. Idk if that was special treatment or they did it for everyone. 


My first flight in a smaller airplane was in a Rockwell commander at 16. I went through a camp and in the end, we all got to go up with someone and they would let us fly. Most of the kids only got to go once, but some guy that worked there pushed for multiple pilots to take me up. It was really awesome. That was the day I knew I wanted to be a pilot. I wish it wasn’t so hard and expensive, but I won’t give up if I can help it! 


My grandpa flew in WW2 (I believe) and he had his own plane for a long while. He’s a little old fashioned in concern with women and flying. He wasn’t extremely suportive at first. But, now that I’ve soloed, he’s a little more supportive. He seems to believe in me now. I’m eternally grateful for that. And my parents seem pretty proud. Now, I’ve just gotta get that piece of paper that says I’m certified!! 

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Wishing you the best of luck in obtaining your certificate...


I was in my late 20's/early 30's when I got my ground school finished in college.  You had to pass with a 70% for it to qualify as a ground school.  Hahaha, I just realized that I still have my old plastic flight computer/slide rule thingy, lol...  When I finished, I was a husband with the first of three kids and that had to take a priority in where my earnings were spent.  At least I can say I was at the controls and was actually maneuvering the plane..  I remember on the free ride, the long one (for me).  I followed through on the controls, feet and hands, and watched what was going on. (my first time in a small plane).  We got up to an altimeter reading of about 2000' (actual abt 1500) and everthing looks so small down there.


Then came the fun part...  The pilot tells me to wet my finger tip and once leveled, draw a line along the horizon on the windscreen in front of me.  I did and he then tuned one of the radios to an AM music station, let go of the wheel (I was holding onto mine), and said, "Let me know when you want to land", leaned against his side window, crossed his arms and closed his eyes!!!!   😲  I'm sitting there looking at him in shock!!!  WTH !!!  (actually worse)...  but he made his point.  Just like I later learned in ground school, unless acted upon by an outside force, the plane will continue to fly straight and level on its last course setting...   (More or less, but you know what I mean).  And that was my introduction to flying a plane with my hands on the controls...  He never did take back control until we approached Lindbergh Field in San Diego about 30 min later.  He'd just point and say, "Head over that way"... It didn't take long to get the idea of using both the wheel and the feet to make a turn...


I will admit that I was blown out of my mind with the sheer pleasure of it all..  By the way, my GF was in the back seat and she even got to fly for a bit...  For her, it was an experience and she let it go.  A few years later, she, like me, got to go up in a 2-seater Tomahawk for a ride.  She was a little bothered by the turbulence, (nervous bother, not tummy) and that was the end of my flying career other that a number of airline flights...

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I can confirm that it is still 70%. I’ve finished ground school. I just have to take the written for the certification.

Really? My first flight computer snapped after a couple years. I picked it up and it just kinda quit life. 


Understandable and admirable. 

The view is beautiful up there. I love the view. Especially on an early morning or come sunset. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s breathtaking up there. 


Ahahaha. The pilots love doing that stuff. I’ve had a guy tell a friend to take the stick. Once the guy did, the pilot stuck his hands out the window and closed his eyes. The most important thing is that you had fun!! (Well...that and safe flying procedures. These days, there are strickter rules on handing over controls. Some follow them.) 

Flying is one of those things. It’s easy as heck. It’s all the rules, regulations, and emergency situations you have to plan for. And at 2,000, there are not as many rules you can infringe upon, especially back then. Landing and takeoff are the most dangerous parts of the flight. En route is usually one of the safest. You can pretty much use the trim tab now-a-days to fly the plane if it doesn’t have an autopilot. 

Did you learn how to read the instruments in ground school?


Turbulence scares a lot of people. I usually just tell people it’s nothing to worry about. Just bumps in the air. Where I live, we’ve been getting gusty weather lately. I almost soloed in winds gusting 10 for my first time, but the plane’s battery died while we were on the ground. Hahaha. Fun times. I’ve landed in gusting 12 before. I usually avoid anything stronger than 15. 

I’m glad you enjoyed it, though. I hope you get more opportunities! 

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Essentially my whole family is full of pilots - my mother was a pilot (I flew with her in her Cessna many times) my father is an aerospace engineer, my grandfather was in the air force and also worked as an engineer.


I miss flying. Hasn't been financially viable lately. I'd eventually like to get a private license but cost is obviously the main obstacle. I'd never be able to get into flying as a career because of health issues, but I'd love to learn.

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