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2019-04-29 - Biome Background Updates

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I love these! My favorite is the Alpine. That sky, those stars... 😍 The mana crystals are big and imposing, but I think they fit in with the theme and the scroll is framed perfectly on my screen by the image. And are those shadows of dragons I see atop the left-side crystals, or am I just imagining patterns in clouds?

My only woe is the dragon being covered in the volcano. He's too epic to be hidden!

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I really love the new backgrounds. They really inspire a lot of personal creativity and give some real fantastical elements and unique life into the planet/world of DC and I think will get people into doing a lot more with their dragons, their lore curiosities and other inspiring things. I cannot wait to see what art and other creative or fun stuff comes out of it. They are very well done! Thanks so much for the new backgrounds!

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On 4/30/2019 at 1:15 AM, CrystalKleure said:

These are gorgeous!! 😮

I went and dug up all the fullsize images [using Chrome's Inspect command]:


[Alpine] [Coast] [Desert] [Forest] [Jungle] [Volcano]


  Reveal hidden contents








Thanks for posting for us mobile viewers! 😀

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Since the new biome backgrounds have been up for a good week I'll go ahead and close this. Thank you TJ and artists for the art update!

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