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Portal 2 skin overlap problems

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On Chrome 73.0.3683.86 on Windows 10, The Portal 2 skin's footer (div._3u_2) occasionally interferes with site functionality. This has been going on for quite a while (i.e. definitely through various previous Chrome builds), but I previously didn't bother reporting it because there were usually fairly obvious work-arounds.


Examples of where it interferes:


  • when random collectibles are being collected (easter, trick or treat), which can be worked around with a reload
  • when trying to report a trade


Latter is why I'm making a thread about it; I may know how to edit the DOM to remove the footer element, but other users may not.


(Yeah, I wanted to be a party pooper on someone who keeps flooding the front page of Trading with ineffectual messages as opposed to actual trades. I'm actually glad I got stopped, I have a strong aversion to reporting anything. >_> But someone else might feel more strongly about trades I don't even see.)

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Confirming I have this on Firefox as well.

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Can you provide a screenshot of what you're reporting? I'm not able to see anything indicating that the footer extends outside its boundaries.

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