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Hi everyone I just started playing DragCave a month ago and my friend suggested checking out the forums. I started playing dragon cave as a way to quell my enamel pin shopping addiction and I love just focusing on hatching my dragon babies. My favorite type of dragon so far is either the Nocturne or the Pillow dragon. I have never joined a forum before, but I am excited to try and interact and talk with people who also enjoy this game as I have slowly gotten more and more addicted to it. I'm always up for fangirling about the gorgeous dragon sprites dragon cave has and drawing cute dragons (once I know how to change my profile pic I'm so drawing a Pillow dragon for it). My name, EgotisticBread, is the username I usually use when I draw and I just love how the words sound together. 


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Hello and welcome to the forum :D The pillow dragons are super cute... fluffy.

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