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  Hello! I've been playing Dragon Cave for a few months now, and I've really been enjoying it. I dabbled through the forums a bit over the past few weeks (mostly to find out what was going on woth the Ides of March thing) to look at what people were discussing about the site, and lo and behold I found out that not only did I like the platform itself, but also the community that surrounds it. So I made a forum account and thats why i'm here now, typing this. So to introduce myself, hi, i'm Fragmented, i'm an artist who almost exclusively draws dragons. I also like to write about dragons but I wouldn't exactly say i'm the best at that. Currently my favorite dragon designs in the whole game are the Sapphire, the Avatar of Creation, and the Black-Capped Tiemarr. I'm so happy I found this site and I look forward to becoming part of this community! 

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I like the playful looking Terrae and the color combo on the purple spriter's alt Heartseeker. My own artwork is of dragons and tends toward the Mutamore and Witchlight style, although digital is not a medium I am any good at. Are you a digital or more traditional artist, or do you do both?

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