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Mods Please deleat since no one is staying on topic thank you.

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10 hours ago, Laryal said:

Players please read thru all my posts instead of picking what parts you want  an i told everyone to stay on topic this is not an abortion thread an if you would read i said animals do not have other animals killing their unborn babies . Ok Know what you guys are not staying on topic so this thread will be taken down by the right mods I told you guys to stay on topic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Also you guys keep an seem like your targeting only me on here on what i say which is in the rules that you do not target players i believe so since like i said i asked you all to stay on topic this thread is closed  thanks guys for this it seems like the only topics you guys acually discuss on is your own so signing off thanks for letting me know how  ypu guys treat players i believe i will never come back to a rude forum again nore a rude game if you all are like this.

No one is targeting you. You made a false claim. Everyone else in this thread is correcting the claim you made and offering you actual information based on facts. That is not targeting you.

If anyone else posted something blatantly false, they would be corrected as well. It is not personal. It is preventing misinformation from being spread.

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Considering we already have a Euthanasia thread here and this particular topic has been derailed several times by abortion, I will be closing this thread. Please continue discussion on end-of-life services / bills / etc in the Euthanasia thread, as it is encompassed in that discussion. Additionally, I understand that abortion is a poignant topic for a lot of you, but even when prompted I ask that you take the discussion to the appropriate location. 

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grammar?? who dat

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