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I think a lot of the other issues brought up by people in this thread would be better addressed by filters available on the breeding page and your scroll. I would still personally prefer a visible dot/tag for CBs on your scroll as it makes it much easier to peruse through dragon lineages in the first place (next to the gender and stage would be fine, as opposed to the name).


A potential expansion to this idea would be the ability to tag your dragons in general (with different symbols, such as star, square, moon, etc). That would give you the ability to differentiate within groups (you could have a group for a family of dragons, and then tag their generation with a particular symbol, for example). 


But there should definitely be the ability to search and filter through your dragons on your home scroll and the breeding page. It would be nice if you could filter so you'd only see dragons from a certain group, or certain species of dragons. There could even be a toggle for "show only CBs".  With the symbol tagging system, we could do multiple filters - that way you'd only be looking through the 'square' dragons in the "thuwed" group. That's a different issue for a different thread, though. Regardless of filtration on the breeding page, I think tags beside the gender of the dragon would be very helpful.


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