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ANSWERED:[ANSWERED] Best way to get in touch with TJ?

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Apologies in advance if this kind of topic isn’t allowed.


I had created a second Dragon Cave account a few weeks ago when I wanted to get back into playing Dragon Cave; I feel better if I start fresh to collect new dragons, and the username on my current scroll is quite outdated. I guess I had skipped over the rule stating that two accounts are not allowed by accident, and I would now like the second account to be deleted. I would also like to admit to breaking another DC rule to him and ask if a punishment needs to be issued.


I had mailed TJ about deleting the second account almost a week ago, but I have received no response so far. I feel very worried about the possibility of not just the second scroll, but my current one being burned as well as some of the dragons on my scroll mean a lot to me.


Does anyone know of a better contact alternative so that I could let him know about the second account? I’m sorry if I sound very impatient.


Thanks a lot :) 


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Contact a mod. Give them the names of both accounts.


We have a system for bringing this sort of thing to his attention.


Also, he almost never personally responds. He'll just do the thing. :P

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@Kaini I see, thank you kindly! I’ll contact someone about it

I can also see why he wouldn’t, I imagine he must be very busy :’0

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