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Hello there!

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I've had my Dragon Cave account since 2015 actually, but had lost interest after a few months. I've just recently picked it back up however and I've fallen back in love. :)


My favourite dragons on this site are Blusangs, Hellfires, Avatars of Creation, Chickens, Carina dragons, and a few others. So far, I own 41 dragons and I definitely plan on adding more! I'd love to make a scroll with my favourite dragons, and definitely a few rare ones.

Some personal info about myself; My hobbies include drawing, reading, and studying war history! I also love birds very much, and I own a cockatiel named Popcorn.


One last thing, I have a question: is it against site rules to create Dragon Cave 'OC's? I.e. Creating a Hellfire Wyvern OC based on the one that I own, with its own personality, backstory etc.


That's all, I suppose! I hope I have a lot of fun here. This seems like such a friendly community and I can't wait to start interacting with all of you :P

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Hello and welcome :)


There's no rule against making OCs, and a lot of people participate in RP with their dragons and write stories/descriptions for them. But there may be rules about making artwork of dragons, since the design belongs to the artist that made the sprite. Those are found here.

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