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ANSWERED:How do you freeze a dragon?

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5 minutes ago, Dancing_cinnamon said:

Hello! Sorry if this is already a topic, but I was wondering how can I freeze a dragon? Thank you for any and all help!


Hey ^_^ freezing is only available for hatchlings so... when your egg has hatched you simply click on "actions" and there will be a "freeze" option (among other things like "name" or "abandon").
Keep in mind that freezing is limited to a certain amount within a given time frame (the number will depend on your trophy level - the highest one is 18 freezes every few weeks at platinum trophy level).


PS: Here you can also find the official "help" page for freezing.

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Do keep in mind you cannot undo the freeze action if you change your mind.  Freezing is permanent.

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Hi, @Dancing_cinnamon! Welcome to Dragon Cave. ^_^ I see from your sig you are fairly new to the game. :)


The best thing I ever did as a newbie was to get a mentor on this forum by posting in the thread, "The Mentoring Project." You can find it here:


The Mentoring Project


I had so many questions as a newcomer to  Dragon Cave!  My mentor was very patient and answered all of my many questions I had for the first few months I was a member.  Once I began to feel more comfortable, I didn't have as many questions and spread my wings and learned to fly. XD  I highly recommend the DC mentoring program. 


Welcome to DC, and enjoy the game! :nyan:



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