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ANSWERED:I'm needing some help from the player base

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I quit this site for a long time as part of an attempt to reform my self - grades, habits, etc.


But for six years, I have had a gnawing in my chest that I owe someone a rare breed of dragon--so I've come back. I intend to quit as soon as this debt is paid.


I know this is foolhardy and risky, but I am done being stressed out by this. I sincerely apologize to whomever I failed to keep my end of a trade towards. This is humiliating, and yes, it's just a website to kill some time on..but I am being bothered by this fact.


If you have any claim on me, please PM me. I know I owe someone some kind of Christmas egg. I can declare the username of the person I believe I owe it to, if they're still around. Not sure if the site will allow me to do so.


Thank you.

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Hey there. You don't owe me anything, but I thought I would pop in. If six years have passed since the trade was arranged, it's fairly likely that those players may not be around anymore. Try not to take it to heart--IOUs are forgotten all the time. Life always comes first. 


You can send the user you believe you owe a Christmas egg to a message by accessing the inbox feature (click the little envelope in the upper right hand corner). Otherwise you can ping them here like this: @PacketMonkey

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If you know the user's name, you can run a member search (search bar is in the top right hand corner) and then message them directly. If your search doesn't return any results, it might be because the user has changed their name. You can post in the missed connections thread and someone might be able to help you find them.

 I'm going to close this thread because this is not a help issue. 

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