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Hello everyone! (Kinda-new?)

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Hi! I'm Pillowa (Mamaparri on Dragon Cave), and I'm (kinda) new!

When I first joined back in 2017, I didn't really understand the game, and I had no idea about the forums. So I kinda just created my account and gathered eggs from the cave. I had no idea about trading or naming your dragons or any of that stuff. I kind of quit for a bit, and rejoined for a short while in 2018, before quitting again. Now in 2019 I rejoined and I realized that there was a dragon cave forum, and that you can trade in this game, and you can breed dragons and stuff- basically a lot of features I didn't know back in 2017. I'm really excited to join this community and have a lot of fun collecting dragons.

Also, I have some questions


How exactly do you trade? I know the feature exists, I just don't know how to do it 😅

How do you know the value of a dragon?

How do you access the page where you can pick up abandoned dragon eggs? I've done it before, I just have no idea how to access it.

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Hello and welcome to the forum :) You may want to check out the mentoring project - might be helpful!


You can trade using a magi dragon - the orange ones. There should be a tab up at the top of the site that says 'trading'.

The value of a dragon is really subjective - but the best way would be to look around the trading section of the forum.


You can reach the abandoned page from the cave, where it says 'you can take one of those instead.'

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