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Sakuhana Breeding Plans

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Unfortunately, Sakuhanas aren't in that tool yet. Maybe post up a template? :)


Personally, I don't really have any ideas yet, so I'm somewhat listlessly plotting the inevitable lines:






Curious to see what others will come up with, though!

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I know I had a link to a lineage creator. But I can't find it. :(


Would somebody please send me a really simple basic lineage generator so I can put my ideas here too?


Forget I said anything. I see it above now. :blush: Thank you!

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Templates for two of the DC skins:


image.png.328ba81153fbf88ce244b9ee9dfeaf9d.png image.png.ad2e499ddc0a22ac6de94cd49ca67eb2.png




Mandatory Terrae pairing:




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Some options:


Green Firegem






























Golden Shimmer



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this one's mine (would've done red nebs but both female so that's not possible)


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I already posted this in the other valentine plans thread, but since this is specifically for the Sakuhana wyverns Ima put it in here. :D


I so want to see what the new Sakuhana wyverns look like with the verdigris coppers, rainbow coppers, pink zyus, and red spinels.  ❤️ They look to be my favorites when trying to pair them together for projects. When I get the time I'm going to do the lineage builder ting and stick em up to see what they look like.

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Judging by how their colors are slightly cool-tinged I feel like they'd look nice with primarily blue/purple mates.

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I've never really cared about Terraes, but this time I'm definitely doing a Terrae lineage with these new ladies. And a Black Marrow line too, that looked amazing.

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They are almost a dilute version of Arcanas, with their matching manes, tail floofs, and sunset-wings. I really like them together.

I tried them out in AoND's lineage viewer but if someone did a template that would be awesome: http://www.allureofnds.net/NDER/Lineage.php?dcode=takea&gen=4&mate=beeMy&style[bg]=y&style[border]=n

I like these new dragons but I'm disappointed that the wings are so cut off in the lineage tiles. I know that can't be fixed or else the poor thing's nose would be cut off, but it makes me less enthusiastic about lineage building with them.

Edit to add: I'm surprised how much I like them with Sunsongs and Kingcrownes, too.

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First thought was blue-banded and it looks okay.




Then I tried male Purples but that didn't mesh too well, so I did the "looks good with most everything" Frostbite. Not bad.




Like someone posted earlier, Specklethroats are an interesting option.


Terraes and Aethers look great of course, and I'm sure Striped Rivers will be a match as well, but I've used those in a lot of holiday lineages. Time for something new.

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I'll try with: Aria, Black, Red Dorsal, Blusang, Solstice, Holly, Green Nebula, and Seasonal!

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I'm thinking Chrono or Mageia might look really nice with them :)


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Arcana | red Spinel

2815Jgj.png   jyuGEMn.png



4RLJYWp.png   gawR1hI.png




Pink Zyu | Aria

Aqx3auD.png   w98s0ff.png


Seasonal Spring and Winter

00r8ngM.png   VHqQ4Ll.png


Chrono and Mageia

2la4Zta.png   v46ya33.png


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Oh yes! Definitely, Mageia is a must!


And I find Sphckle-Throated to be an underrated breed. The reddish breeds are great. I am very interested in the Leodon and Sunstone lineages. And Spinel is a welcome surprise!


But my vote still goes to the blue-ish mates. I may be biased, I think Aether goes with everything lol. Not so keen on the Coppers.


And what about the purplish breeds? Script and Purple itself. Witchlight.


I'd love to see a mock up with Freckleds.



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My current favorites are Aether, green Fire Gem and Script! I'd like too mock-ups with Tetras, Tsunamis and Bolts, those could look pretty too. And maybe blue Fire Gem?

edit. oops, did them myself! Here goes:


dl2iRq1.png QQGuzCY.png


EernTMA.png 3u69huL.png


plus, Blusangs! I really like them together:


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Here are some blueish ones


Tsunami | Striped river

gBIuaY2.png  img%5D


Skywing | Daydream

qOyPAZE.png  s9UWDUW.png


Nhiostrife | Moonstone

IeQiWka.png   Bwv6q29.png


Ice | Guardian

DPidd2q.png  img%5D


Royal Blue | Coastal Waverunner

LOwhj5n.png  img%5D


Celestial | Blusang

K45kHRq.png  img%5D


Bolt | Thunder

Tcv5Vvi.png  1uXKB2u.png


Azure Glacewing | blue Firegem

ULYYfYN.png  img%5D


Silver | Freckled

todFhX4.png  img%5D


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Might make a mock-up later, but I'm thinking potentially Soulpeace? With Daydream x Sakuhana as the first gen, with a Soulpeace from Male Daydream. Or maybe the whites and daydreams the other way around? Although I was gonna do that with Soulstones, have to resist the urge to put Soulpeace with everything...

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Is anyone able to mock up what they look like with all the male holiday breeds? 

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9 hours ago, Verse said:

Arcana | red Spinel

Thank you! They look great. I'm pleasantly surprised by the Red Spinels, too!

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Oooh, I always love valentines bred with blue-colored dragons, and there are some Good Combos goin' on with these guys. :)

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I just created a Freckled x Sakuhana template, only to find that I've been beaten to it. XD Still looks gorgeous, if you ask me.

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