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Arsani's hatching as Valentine's??

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ok so im probably just going crazy because i have a horrible memory issue but i know for a FACT that last night i grabbed two of the 2009 valentine eggs. i also know for a fact that in the past i was specifically grabbing arsani eggs because i wrote a note down that said "after arsani's grow up, get 2009 dragons" but, 


anyway, the two 2009 eggs i grabbed like. one hatched into an arsani and the other hatched into a 2009. i then noticed all my other "arsani's" were 2009's. am i like. going crazy and being forgetful or is this a thing that can happen??

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Sounds to me like you mixed up the eggs. 

user posted image = Arsani

user posted image = Val '09

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Well, all things considered, Arsani eggs look closer to the Val '09 adults and hatchies than their own egg, and vice versa. The Val '09 egg looks very much like the Arsani adult's wing, if you ask me.

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