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ANSWERED:Egg isn't hatching?

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Hey, one of my eggs is currently at 3 days 22 hours and isn't hatching even though it has almost 500 views. 

It was incubated though, maybe it has to do with that?

I'm worrying a little. 

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Whichever it was, it's hatched now - I don't see an egg with that time on your scroll.


Generally, an egg's need for stats depends on its age, not on its time left. The younger it is, the more stats it needs to advance - but it also gets sick more easily when it's younger. So yeah, incubating it makes it need more stats to hatch at the 4d mark than without incubate.

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Oh! I didn't know that. Thank you! :)

Edit: and yes it did hatch now- with only one view more... 

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