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Valentine's Event - Text Overlapping Itself

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The text keeps overlapping itself at parts. On day 1 when my character leaves the school clubs the screen flashes to several rooms and finally outside, but the text does not go away, so much of the new text is obscured. It goes away when day 2 starts, but then a new set of text freezes very early on and again the text obscures what's going on. I've reset progress several times, and it consistently happens.

DC Valentines Glitch.png

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Hmm. Well, that's not good.


Have you tried clearing your cache instead of resetting the event? Because that looks like a cache issue to me. Also, what browser do you use?

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This happened to me, too! I'm on my desktop, using Firefox.


Day One: Overlapped during visiting the extracurricular clubs, then again later at some point

Day Two: Overlapped after Wilda and I leave the library, then again when in a classroom??? I couldn't tell where we were because I couldn't read to words....

Day Three: Overlapped somewhere, I don't remember where


I haven't started Day Four yet, but I will try clearing cache/etc. to see if that helps.


Edit: Day Four had an overlapping text in the kitchen towards the end of the Day

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Throwing in my two cents.  Using Firefox, on my laptop, & tried clearing the cache & resetting.  Still with the overlapping text.  Gah, think I'll go check out how things go on my tablet, maybe Android will like me better.


Edited to say text is no longer overlapping, so whoever did whatever to fix it, it worked, thank you! :D

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