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New to forums very old to DC

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Hello all, I have been on an off DC for some time now and started way back in 2010, my first dragon is a Whiptail so I have a soft spot for them. Man this sight makes me feel old! 


A little about me, I'm 26, am a gamer, and work at a humane society and have for 2 years now. I love animals (obviously) and for some reason when you're older putting yourself into words seems hard because really you like a little bit of everything by then haha! At work people know me as the Bunny Lady, that's what I work with the most and bunny related items were the majority of my Christmas gifts last year and I loved every one of them! I like dragons, reading, writing, and am looking forward to getting married this year or the next. That's about all I can think to say about myself for now. 


I look forward to posting on here. 

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Hello and welcome! Do you have a favorite type of rabbit? What kind of work do you do at the humane society?

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Thank you! It's really hard to pick but I have a soft spot for Rexs because of this very scared bun I worked with for 6 months and he went from fear aggression to a sweet heart, Dutch rabbits becuse they are always feisty ans need a little work, Holland lop since that was the foster bunny ther I ended up adopting and American Sabel since there was a great bunny that we lost due to some dental issues that would have taken him from us.


I work with the buns in the morning, cleaning and socializing them, learning all about them and making them little descriptions for adopters. I'll even council bunny or other small animal adopters, teach them how to be a pet parent to these exotic animals, and help match them.tons good home. I also foster. In the afternoon I clean cat rooms and do things like help give medicine. 


Haha kind of a long answer for a short question. Ifntia allowed I may make a shelter worker AMA later on here in the general area. There is so any stories to share. :)

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