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ANSWERED:Holiday Pair Bred without my confirmation + kept all eggs?

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Hello there!


I was checking through possible breeding pairs for my two Floral-Crowneds from last year and seem to have come across a glitch.


I was selecting random dragons to see how the pair would look together for a future lineage chart, but when I went back a page to the previous screen to select a different dragon, upon clicking on a new dragon it said the floral crown had "already been bred"


I was confused so I double checked that I hadn't just selected my other, who'd already been bred, but found something stranger.


The dragon I was doing matchmaker with, without confirming for any breeding, not only bred with a random Black Truffle I'd been looking at, but had also laid three eggs and had it so I kept all three, instead of only choosing one.


This is a glitch, right? Because I didn't confirm to breed either dragon, and now I've got a cooldown on the one I was still looking for a mate for and three eggs that I know I'm not supposed to have.


https://dragcave.net/user/Lusey You can see the eggs and confusion here

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If  you don't choose one of them you will lose ALL. So hurry and choose ( I think the timeframe is 30 minutes).

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What do you mean by 'confirm' the breeding? There is no confirmation page when you breed dragons. It's possible you bred the dragons without realizing it because you clicked them and *thought* there would be a confirmation? If you go to a dragon's breed page and click one of the listed dragons, that breeds it, no confirmation needed.

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... Ooohhh you know what? That's probably what happened! Usually I click on the dragon itself instead of the breed button to check lineages first, and mistook that for a confirmation screen in my head.


Ah well. I'm sure Floral and Black Truffles will make a pretty lineage too!


Thanks guys! I'll go "keep" one of those eggs ASAP

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